Sansar’s Open Creator Beta Launches Today

Pile-Up at 114 Harvest 31 July 2017

Well, the day we have been waiting for has arrived. Linden Lab has opened the gates to the general public to come in and take a look at its virtual-reality-capable social world, Sansar. Here is the official news release. Second Life’s own Draxtor Despres is currently doing a live broadcast from his experience, 114 Harvest. And as you can see, people are (literally) piling in! (Note: Drax’s livestream has ended but here is the video, the fun starts about the 43-minute mark if you want to jump in there!  I make an appearance at the 1 hour 10 minute mark in the video, loudly exclaiming: “Jesus Christ, Drax!  Did you invite everybody and their dog?!??”)

You can now go to and register your avatar name, download the Sansar client software, and set up your default avatar (male or female, with a variety of hairstyle and clothing styles to get you started).  The Sansar Store is up and running, and among the multitude of virtual items available for sale today are even more clothing options created by Sansar Studios!

Second Life celebrity Strawberry Singh is already on the ball with a detailed post about Sansar here.  Lots of links with information!

Will post more later…. but you are welcome to come visit Ryan’s Garden at the following URL: (you’ll need to have a Sansar user account and the Sansar client installed).  See if you can find the carousel!

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