“The most important thing about any virtual world is the PEOPLE”


Draxtor Despres has hosted a follow-up to last week’s popular podcast, War of the Social Worlds, with a Part 2. A quote from his co-host, Jo Yardley, caught my ear. Here it is:

But the problem with all of these worlds is that the most important thing about any virtual world is the people, and, you know,  I can go to Sansar and I can go to High Fidelity and I build, I can try and build things, but I’ve got this massive, busy community with over 100 tenants in just one region in Second Life with daily events… you know, it’s going to be a long, long time before there’s any kind of competition for any other virtual world to do that.

—Jo Yardley, The Drax Files Radio Hour, Show 163 (November 19, 2017)

I can certainly recommend both podcasts—both Part 1 and Part 2—for a fascinating, wide-ranging discussion of various social virtual worlds and their issues and problems.