Atlas Hopping with Drax, Episode Thirteen!

I was tired, so I went off to have a long nap, and I forgot to join Drax and his friends for Atlas Hopping today! (Strawberry is still away due to a personal family emergency and she couldn’t join the group either.)

The three experiences which they visited today were:

Here’s Drax’s livestream of today’s event:

My Top Ten Sansar Newsblog Posts


I just hit my 300th blogpost for the Sansar Newsblog. To mark this occasion, I am listing my top ten most popular (most visited) posts of all time:

  1. Stupid Pictures Promoting Virtual Reality (see picture above): my rant was very popular!
  2. Avatar and Camera Controls for Desktop Users of Sansar
  3. Comparing Sansar and High Fidelity: a Few Thoughts
  4. Bjorn Linden/Laurin Talks in Second Life About Sansar
  5. Easy Sansar Content Creation Using Microsoft Windows Paint 3D
  6. Building a Metaverse: Is Sansar a Smart Move or a Risky Gamble for Linden Lab?
  7. A Plea to Linden Lab: Release the Outfits!
  8. Can You Get Laid in Sansar?
  9. Linden Lab Launches the Official Sansar Discord Server
  10. Sansar Contest Winners!: the winners of the Best Props and Sansar’s Scariest Experience contests.

Onwards and upwards! On to the next 300 blogposts!

We Can Finally Sit Down in Sansar!

Sitting Down in Sansar Brighter 18 Nov 2017

We have long complained to Linden Lab in Sansar about our inability to sit down in Sansar, a feature which has already been successfully deployed in other virtual worlds such as High Fidelity and Sinespace.

SIN to the rescue! (This picture of SIN was taken in Skye Naturae Virtualis.)

The catch is, he’s not really sitting down on that stump; he’s wearing it! Everything you see below the waist is an attachment: legs, shoes and stump. The illusion is broken only when he walks around, but when he stands still, it looks like he is sitting on a tree stump!

Pick up your sitting-on-a-stump attachment in the Sansar Store for free!

Sitting on a Stump Sansar Store 18 Nov 2017

Pick of the Day: Skye Naturae Virtualis

Alex Bader of the brand Studio Skye, whom I have previously profiled in a Sansar Store Spotlight about a beautiful tree he created, has a new experience up! Once more, his attractive, natural-looking trees are front and centre in the visually stunning Skye Naturae Virtualis.

Naturae Virtualis 1 18 Nov 2017

You arrive in a shady grove of trees, with the sun shining through the branches to illuminate a trail through the woods. The dappled light effect is wonderful! I met SIN here while I was taking photos for this blogpost, and he shared with me Alex’s secret for creating such a realistic dappled light effect: two flat textured planes to be used in conjunction with a directional light source. These planes are available for free from the Sansar Store. (Thanks, SIN, for telling me about this!)

You follow the path which leads between the rocks, and you will discover a small placid lake ringed by trees and fields of daisies, with a small footbridge. The water animation is remarkably good! Even better, this animated water texture is also currently available for free from the Sansar Store! (Thanks, Alex!)

Naturae Virtualis 2 18 Nov 2017Naturae Virtualis 3 18 Nov 2017Naturae Virtualis 4 18 Nov 2017

It’s currently cold and snowy where I am, so this is like a small vacation! It is a very relaxing environment, beautifully crafted, and Alex is to be commended for his work.