We Can Finally Sit Down in Sansar!

Sitting Down in Sansar Brighter 18 Nov 2017

We have long complained to Linden Lab in Sansar about our inability to sit down in Sansar, a feature which has already been successfully deployed in other virtual worlds such as High Fidelity and Sinespace.

SIN to the rescue! (This picture of SIN was taken in Skye Naturae Virtualis.)

The catch is, he’s not really sitting down on that stump; he’s wearing it! Everything you see below the waist is an attachment: legs, shoes and stump. The illusion is broken only when he walks around, but when he stands still, it looks like he is sitting on a tree stump!

Pick up your sitting-on-a-stump attachment in the Sansar Store for free!

Sitting on a Stump Sansar Store 18 Nov 2017


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