Administrative Note: I Have Moved My List of Social VR/Virtual Worlds to a New, Separate Page

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IDIA Lab: 1915 San Francisco World’s Fair (Sansar)

Effective immediately, I have moved my popular alphabetical list of social VR spaces and virtual worlds to a separate page on my blog, with a permanent link on the left-hand side panel, called List of Social VR/Virtual Worlds (right under the Home button). Note that if you are viewing my blog on a tablet or smartphone, you have to hit the three-bars menu button in the upper right-hand corner of your screen to find the link to the new page.

I will now be keeping that new document up-to-date instead of my old blogpost, which will no longer be pinned to the front page of my blog. I now realize that doing this was confusing to many visitors who thought that my blog was not being updated, and I do apologize for any confusion this caused in the past. From now on, only the most recent blogposts will appear at the top of the main page!

Decentraland: A First Look at Their Alpha

Decentraland has given us the first glimpse of their alpha platform at a presentation given today by company co-founder Esteban Ordano at the NIFTY conference in Hong Kong.

More information on the event comes from the DCLPlazas blog:

After many months of blood, sweat and tears from Decentraland developers, and with an ever growing community patiently waiting for their first real glimpse of the VR world, today Decentraland showed the alpha version of Decentraland which was presented by Tech Lead Esteban Ordano at the NIFTY conference in Hong Kong.

Judging by the reaction in the room it was very clear that after a long in time coming, nobody in the room was disappointed and it was well worth the wait.

As if the demo wasn’t enough, Decentraland have also opened up applications to get an alpha NFT allowing YOU to enter the world and have a look around.

If you want to get access to the Decentraland alpha, you can send an email request to

Quests and Questing in Virtual Universe

FULL DISCLOSURE: I am choosing to participate in the Virtual Universe (VU) Initial Coin Offering Partner Program. Why? Two reasons:

  1. After my recent guided tour of VU, I feel very strongly that this is going to be a successful and popular virtual world/MMO hybrid platform, and I want to be a part of it when VU launches their beta this summer. This is the very first blockchain-based virtual world that I actually feel excited about!
  2. As a Canadian citizen, I reside in one of the three countries where I am currently legally forbidden from purchasing VU tokens (the other two are the United States and China). This means that the only way I can legitimately earn VU tokens to use in this social VR space before the beta launch is via the VU ICO Partner Program.

I want you to know this up front: this blogpost is a promotion for VU, in exchange for VU tokens.  You can follow on this webpage to see how many VU tokens I have earned by completing tasks in this Partner Program if you wish (right now, I am at number two on the VU Token Leaderboard). There’s nothing stopping you from participating in this Partner Program yourself, and earning some VU tokens!

IMPORTANT: VU Tokens are not a real currency. They are ERC-20 based blockchain tokens intended to permit players of Virtual Universe exclusive access to digital assets within a VR game known as Virtual Universe (VU). They are a form of in-game virtual currency.  Virtual value attributed to the VU Token will be as a result of in-game efforts by players, and no future value is represented or guaranteed.

Virtual Universe has posted to Medium about the quests that will be part of the social VR/MMO platform, including a YouTube video:

There will be three different types of quest:

  1. Daily quests: small jobs you can do, like sweeping the street
  2. Random quests: you find these while exploring outside the city
  3. Story quests: these are the epic, long-time-frame quests, split into chapters

Looking forward to seeing what the quests will be, and participating in them!