Early Reader Poll Result! Active Worlds Wins “Touchiest Virtual World” Award


Torley Linden, a longtime Linden Lab staff member, tells some very funny stories of how he used to regularly get kicked off Active Worlds (the grand-daddy of virtual worlds) for talking about Second Life to the residents there.

Well, guess what? I posted a link to my survey in the Active Worlds Discord channel yesterday, and was promptly banned by the moderator for (gasp!) daring to post a survey that actually mentions other virtual worlds! Heaven forbid!

On top of that, the moderator demanded my Active Worlds username, no doubt to remove me from the platform completely. (Hey, it’s OK, I was finished with it anyway…)

So, although the reader poll runs until the end of this month, I can already announce one award (drumroll, please!): Active Worlds, hands down, for the touchiest, most over-sensitive user community!

Seriously? Get a grip. If you’re so uptight about your virtual world that you can’t even mention competing metaverse products without getting booted, or survey your users about where else they may have accounts, what kind of public relations message does that send? Maintaining a rigid, iron grip on communication is only going to backfire and make you look like a control freak. And an insecure one at that.


(God, I love Giphy… the perfect animated GIF for every occasion!)