Winners of the Custom Avatar Contest in Sansar

Avatars Dancing on Stage 10 Aug 2018.png
Avatars Dancing on Stage at the Custom Avatar Contest

Today was the Custom Avatar Contest in Sansar, held at Loz Hyde’s The Grand Hall and Gardens experience. Forty-five avatars showed up, possibly making this the largest single crowd in Sansar in quite some time!

There were a number of wonderfully creative custom avatars on display, but some of them decided not to enter the contest for whatever reason. This meant that there were very few contestants in some categories! Chaos reigned for a little while.

The winners of the five categories were:

  • Best Looking Avatar: C3rb3rus, who created a wonderful Egyptian Anubis avatar
  • Funniest Avatar: Missy, who showed up in a huge, square, somewhat warped animal avatar she created using Marvelous Designer
  • Most Surreal Avatar: Silas Merlin’s Sunflower Man, called Memento Mori
  • Most Innovative Avatar: Snow’s Robot Eating Pizza avatar
  • Best Original Design: KandyBrainz’ Yolandastein avatar (which comes in either aqua or pink)

Each winner received 5,000 Sansar dollars (worth about US$50). Congratulations to all the winners, and all the contestants!

Help Me Choose a Logo for the Upcoming New Show Metaverse Newscast: Pick One of These Eight Designs

Things are coming along nicely for the new pre-taped show about social VR, virtual worlds and the metaverse I am working on with Andrew, my producer, and Carlos, my cameraman. We have two interviews in the can and a third one should take place next week. But I’m having a little trouble choosing a logo design for my upcoming show, titled Metaverse Newscast, and here’s where you can help me out!

Here are 8 possible designs of logos for the Metaverse Newscast. Please comment on this blogpost, telling me which one(s) you prefer. Please refer to the number of each logo design in your response, which is underneath each image, thanks!

MetaverseNewscast (4)
Design 1
Security Agency
Design 2


MetaverseNewscast (3)
Design 3
MetaverseNewscast (2)
Design 4
MetaverseNewscast (1)
Design 5
Design 6
M (1)
Design 7
Design 8

Which one(s) do you like? Please leave a comment to let me know, thanks!