Help Me Choose a Logo for the Upcoming New Show Metaverse Newscast: Pick One of These Eight Designs

Things are coming along nicely for the new pre-taped show about social VR, virtual worlds and the metaverse I am working on with Andrew, my producer, and Carlos, my cameraman. We have two interviews in the can and a third one should take place next week. But I’m having a little trouble choosing a logo design for my upcoming show, titled Metaverse Newscast, and here’s where you can help me out!

Here are 8 possible designs of logos for the Metaverse Newscast. Please comment on this blogpost, telling me which one(s) you prefer. Please refer to the number of each logo design in your response, which is underneath each image, thanks!

MetaverseNewscast (4)
Design 1
Security Agency
Design 2


MetaverseNewscast (3)
Design 3
MetaverseNewscast (2)
Design 4
MetaverseNewscast (1)
Design 5
Design 6
M (1)
Design 7
Design 8

Which one(s) do you like? Please leave a comment to let me know, thanks!

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7 thoughts on “Help Me Choose a Logo for the Upcoming New Show Metaverse Newscast: Pick One of These Eight Designs”

  1. #7 because it looks like a news broadcast icon or #3 because it implies connection but also has the M in a clever way. Globes are so overdone it’s silly and #2 looks like wifi. I do like #8 but not for the purpose. It’s attractive and “clean” but doesn’t imply much of anything.

  2. If we are given to understand that Metaverse means connectedness and shared experiences then I would choose Design 3 although I don’t like it much. I agree “Globe” is over done probably and 2 is like “Wifi” so I would go with 8, and I don’t like that much either. Sorry Ryan!

    There has to be better. Maybe try more connected dots matrix-style as background on 3 and sit the text over it?

  3. Design #3 or #8 like previous comment. Imo globes represent ‘real world’ not virtual. I agree with comments about depicting connections.

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