Metaverse Newscast Update

Metaverse Newscast Studio 28 Sept 2017

Last August, I wrote:

I will be host/co-host of a news program on News One called Metaverse Newscast! This will be a regularly-scheduled 30-minute program focused on news and events in Sansar. (The Metaverse Newscast will also take a look at what’s going on in other virtual worlds such as High Fidelity and Sinespace.)

It was Tyler Scarborough (Dynamic Evolution in Sansar) who first approached me last Friday to discuss the idea of a news show. I decided to call it Metaverse Newcast. He will be building me a news studio!

Tyler did build us a lovely studio, and then the project went on hold because we were all busy doing other things. Well, I am happy to announce that I and my producer, Andrew, are moving ahead with this project after a long delay! We plan to start off slowly at first, but we are moving forward!

We will be broadening the scope of the Metaverse Newscast to cover all the newer metaverse platforms, not just Sansar, High Fidelity, and Sinespace. The pre-taped show will feature interviews with people in the virtual worlds where they are designers, creators, and entrepreneurs.

Follow the blog for more details.


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