VRChat Now Has 50,000 User-Created Worlds

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VRChat (still the most popular of the newer social VR platforms) has released a new promotional video to coincide with its release on the Oculus Store:

We are excited to announce that we are going live on the Oculus Store! This means that if you’re using the Oculus Rift, you can now play VRChat straight from the Oculus app, without having to go through Steam and SteamVR. We’re very glad to have a presence in the Oculus Store. You might also notice that we’re featured on their front page!

Here’s the 2-minute promo video, which shows off what you can do in VRChat to good effect:

One fact from the video that I found interesting was that VRChat now has over 50,000 user-created worlds!

VRChat 50,000 Worlds 17 Dec 20189.png

To compare, Jason Gholston said last summer that Sansar users had created over 16,000 experiences to date (most of them are unpublished and therefore not in the Sansar Atlas). One problem with so many different worlds in VRChat is that the choice quickly becomes overwhelming, which is why bloggers like Agent M83 are providing a useful service by highlighting those worlds they particularly like.

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