UPDATED! Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: Altamura Romeo and Juliet Full-Body Mesh Avatars Are Again Available, But Only Until February 27th!

UPDATE Feb. 25th: It would appear that there was a miscommunication from Altamura about when this promotion would end. I was told Feb. 27th and I originally wrote that in this blogpost. However, today I learned from the Altamura Design/Mesh Avatars discussion group that it actually ended at the end of the day yesterday, February 24th. George Stickler, their customer service rep, said:

I was wrong. It was until Sunday, last night.

SECOND UPDATE Feb. 25th: Due to the number of unhappy customers who believed they had until Feb. 27th and still wanted to pick up the Romeo and Juliet group gifts, Altamura has posted the following notice to their group late this afternoon:

Due to a miscommunication, Romeo & Juliet gift was removed. It WILL be back tomorrow until the 27th as was originally expected. So make SURE to bring yourself and friends along before they’re gone!!
Below this line is my original blogpost.
If you missed the Valentine’s-Day-only Altamura group gifts of the Romeo and Juliet full-body mesh avatars and were cursing your bad luck, well, guess what?? The following message was just posted to the Altamura Design/Mesh Avatars group in Second Life:
ROMEO and JULIET fullbody GIFTS with NEW HUD are available again, in the main store. Turn on the tag ALTAMURA GROUP. Do not miss this chance! UNTIL THE 27TH DAY OF THIS MONTH
Here’s a SLURL to take you to the Altamura mainstore, where you can find these vendors:
These are not the usual sort of freebie Altamura full-body (i..e head and body) mesh avatar which I have often blogged about before, which is limited to one skin tone and where you cannot remove the head. These are fully-featured, fully-adjustable, Omega-compatible mesh bodies, with Bento heads and Bento hands! Romeo comes in 4 skin tones and Juliet comes in 8 skin tones. You can also remove the included head. (Full details and pictures here.) Romeo and Juliet are easily the equivalent of what you would usually spend L$4,899 on at the Altamura store (or L$7,750 if you spring for the standard-issue Maitreya Lara mesh body and a Catwa Bento head, and that’s before you buy skin appliers). All this is yours for just the group join fee of L$50 to join the Altamura Design/Mesh Avatars group, which is less than 1% of the Maitreya/Catwa combination. Needless to say, THIS IS AN ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING DEAL WHICH YOU SHOULD NOT PASS UP.  Even if you already have a mesh avatar with all the bells and whistles, why not pick up another full-featured mesh avatar at this price, as a backup? And the Juliet avatar is beautiful, as you can see in this picture I took of her and posted to Flickr:
Vanity Fair Wearing the Altamura Juliet Full-Body Avatar
In this picture, Vanity is also wearing the stunning Franceline gown, an SL Frees & Offers group gift from Brii (more details here).
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