UPDATED! RyanSchultz.com Reader Poll: What Social VR/Virtual World Do You Spend the Most Time In?

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UPDATE: The results of the poll are now available to view!

Last summer, I did my first-ever poll of RyanSchultz.com blog readers, asking them to tell me on which social VR/virtual worlds they had a user account (the results of that poll were published here).

However, several people pointed out that simply creating a user account on a particular platform did not necessarily indicate that it was actually being used. So today I am launching a new reader poll, asking:

What Social VR/Virtual World Do You Spend the Most Time In?

Last time, you could (obviously) pick more that one answer. But this time, I am asking you to narrow it down to one choice. Which single social VR platform or virtual world do you spend the most time in?

If you need more information about any of the platforms listed in this poll, please refer to my List of Social VR/Virtual Worlds.

I have deliberately not included those platforms which have not yet launched, e.g. Decentraland. I realize that there can be a somewhat fuzzy line about what constitutes “launched”, what with alphas and betas and such, but I’m pretty confident that this is the most comprehensive list of currently-available social VR platforms and virtual worlds out there. In the unlikely case that I have forgotten about a platform, readers will be able to type in their own answer in an “other” field.

Please note that, this time around, all OpenSim-based and OpenSim-spinoff-based (e.g. Halcyon) grids are ONE SINGLE CATEGORY in this poll. Please do NOT put the specific name of your OpenSim grid (e.g. Kitely, Discovery Grid, Amaryllis Grid etc.) in the “other” field! I am seeing a lot of this already!!!

This time I will keep the poll open one week, closing it at midnight on February 28th, 2019, after which time I will release the poll results and post to the blog about the results. Repeat voters will be blocked by website cookie and IP address. You will not be able to see the results of this poll until March at the earliest.

UPDATE Feb. 22nd: I have decided to change the deadline for this poll from a whole month to just seven days (mainly because I cannot block repeat voters for longer than a week). The new deadline for this poll is now midnight, February 28th, 2019.

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11 thoughts on “UPDATED! RyanSchultz.com Reader Poll: What Social VR/Virtual World Do You Spend the Most Time In?”

  1. I am enthralled by the possibilities of this VR world . The development team are so driven , the founder is approachable and informative , the community positive and forward thinking . I really think this is one to watch as it develops and expands .

      1. Somnium Space . Its a first person avatar set up , none of this looking at yourself from a camera view !! Its so much more immersive and when the land parcels are able to be reserved ( very soon now ) , the community will probably explode into life as the backers get to develop their chosen plots etc . I just see soooooooo much possible with Somnium Space , I am glad I grabbed my plots . Cya there !!

  2. Ahhh….Somnium Space!

    I don’t subscribe to many polls (or VR) but when I do, I choose Somnium Space!

    Stay connected my friend.
    See you in the greatest reality since this reality… see you in Somnium Space!

  3. I have tried many virtual worlds both full VR and desktop versions over the years but keep coming back to Second Life.

    I really wonder if a full VR hardware setup is even necessary. IMHO the current headsets are an uncomfortable waste of time. Visualizing the world is between the ears not in some uncomfortable gadget hanging on you head.

  4. Well, there you go, Ryan. Is unthinkable that people might spend equally as much time in more than one virtual platform? I spend as much time in Second Life as I do in my Opensim world and some time in HiFi and a few others too. That makes this survey difficult as it seems like I have to chose a favourite. I just can’t narrow it down like that and it wouldn’t be honest of me to do so.

    1. I still wanted to force people to choose just one. In most cases, I still think if you ask yourself the question of which virtual world you spend the most time in, most people could name one over another. Your situation of an EXACT 50-50 split is probably rarer. And I’m kind of surprised you didn’t just vote OpenSim given your heavy involvement with the community 🙂

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