UPDATED! Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: Romeo and Juliet Full-Body Mesh Avatars as Valentine’s Day Gifts at the eBENTO Event!

UPDATE Feb. 25th: It would appear that there was a miscommunication from Altamura about when this promotion would end. I was told Feb. 27th and I originally wrote that in this blogpost. However, today I learned from the Altamura Design/Mesh Avatars discussion group that it actually ended at the end of the day yesterday, February 24th. Sorry!

SECOND UPDATE Feb. 25th: Due to the number of unhappy customers who believed they had until Feb. 27th and still wanted to pick up the Romeo and Juliet group gifts, Altamura has posted the following notice to their group late this afternoon:

Due to a miscommunication, Romeo & Juliet gift was removed. It WILL be back tomorrow until the 27th as was originally expected. So make SURE to bring yourself and friends along before they’re gone!!

Altamura has really outdone herself this time, with not one but two free, fully-featured, full-body mesh avatars, one for men and one for women, in celebration of Valentine’s Day!

Here is what the vendors look like at the Altamura booth at the eBENTO event:

To get the Juliet body, you must first join the Altamura Design/Mesh Avatars group (there’s a L$50 join fee) and pay the vendor L$1 (your dollar will be automatically refunded). To get the Romeo body, join the eBENTO Event Update Group for free and pay the vendor L$1 (your dollar will again be refunded).

Here is what the Juliet avatar looks like:

Unlike previous Altamura free mesh bodies, she comes in no less than eight different skin tones and a complete set of nail types and colours! Another nice feature is that you can remove the included head and replace it with any other Bento mesh head. And, if you get the Altamura Omega system kit, you can even use Omega skin appliers with this body!

Here’s another look at the darkest skin tone on the same Juliet avatar, wearing one of the free outfits and hair from the new starter avatars just released by Second Life:

Looking good!

And this is what the Romeo male avatar looks like, with all the default shapes and settings, all tattoos removed, and at the lightest of the four included skin tones:

Here’s a full-body look at Romeo in the darkest skin tone (note that you can have him clean-shaven if you wish; you can remove the default beard using the cheeks button on the makeup tab on the included HUD):

If you wish, you can also remove the head on this body and replace it with any other Bento mesh head. I did notice that if you turn the head off then back on, you will have to re-remove the default tattoos and makeup from the head again, but I consider this a minor bug.

These are outstanding, well-designed, and fully-featured freebies which are also Omega-compatible. With a complete set of alpha selections in the included HUD, you can basically wear just about anything with these bodies and they will look well. Drop everything and get down here today! This deal is only until midnight of Valentine’s Day, Second Life Time/Pacific Time.

Here’s the link to the Altamura booth at the eBENTO event. Please note that the sim is absolutely packed today, so you might have to use something like the Teleport Hammer to get in. Keep trying!

UPDATE: There has been such a level of crowding, chaos, and lag at the eBENTO event, that Altamura has added multiple new Romeo and Juliet vendors to the eBENTO event, and they have also moved the Romeo and Juliet gift vendors into their main store location (here’s the SLURL). You will still need to join the eBento Event Update Group for Romeo and the Altamura Design/Mesh Avatars group for Juliet, as before. Good luck!

UPDATE Feb. 24th: Chic Aeon has blogged about these bodies (here and here), and she has a useful tip for those who wish to use Omega skins and tattoos with them:

In order to get your Omega skins, tattoos, etc. to work on Romeo you will need to install the relay. This is different than previous versions of Altamura avatars — so listen up and save yourself some frustration.  You need to have the CLOTHING LAYERS hud open (not the main hud as before) and then INSTALL the Omega function.  After that, Omegas should work as expected.

Thanks, Chic!

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