Pictures from the Stereowave Music Festival in Sansar

All of the pictures (except the last two) were taken by Amr. Thank you for letting me post them to my blog, Amr!

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2 thoughts on “Pictures from the Stereowave Music Festival in Sansar”

  1. Looks like proto-SL. Boring. They could have chosen a better location for the DJ thing.

  2. I was there – I’m the girl with the wind-up key in the 5th picture and dancing next to a green shark in the 4th picture, where I had a red swimsuit – it was a funny and pretty nice event! 🙂
    it doesn’t happen so often to see a little crowd in Sansar. When I was there, we were about 30, out of the about 40 in the whole “Atlas”.
    I didn’t feel it so much different from the music parties in Second Life, except the graphic was better, obviously, but so far you can dance only by playing emotes, unless I missed something.
    I don’t expect too much from Sansar and I don’t know if Sansar will ever become more popular, but I enjoyed the event.

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