Sansar Now Accepts PayPal

Linden Lab announced today that they are finally accepting PayPal as a payment method, in addition to credit cards:

You spoke! We listened! And we’re making a change!

Starting today, Sansar will support Paypal as an official payment service provider!

What this means for you: You’ll now be able to purchase Sansar Dollars, store items, and tickets to events using Paypal. All you’ll need to do is select “Paypal” from the dropdown menu that appears at checkout!

In-client, you can confirm your Paypal account by clicking on the email address you entered for billing.

According to this updated article:

To add a PayPal account to your Sansar account:

1. Visit your Account Billing information page on the Sansar website. You may need to provide your Sansar login information to proceed.

2. Under the Payment methods heading, click Add PayPal.

3. Provide your login credentials to log into PayPal.

4. Choose a way to pay, then click Continue.

5. Confirm your information, then click Agree & Continue.

6. Your PayPal account now appears as a payment method and process credit method on your Sansar account.

Or, if you prefer picture instructions:

Please note that a PayPal account may not yet be used to purchase a Sansar subscription, but may be used to purchase Sansar dollars.

Also, if you signed up for Sansar using you Steam account, your Steam Wallet is used as your payment method for purchasing Sansar dollars. For information about how to link your Steam Wallet to Sansar, see Steam integration – Steam Wallet integration.

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