Linden Lab Partners with Music Label Monstercat to Bring Weekly Live Music Events into Sansar

VentureBeat reports that Linden Lab has partnered with Monstercat to bring weekly live music events into Sansar:

The Monstercat: Call of the Wild Experience is a collaboration that the companies hope will change live concerts and gaming. The virtual world offers fans a larger-than-life venue for live events and entertainment — from concerts to meet-and-greets to exclusive fan quests and giveaways — while also allowing artists to reach a global audience with a single performance.

With Sansar, Monstercat can once again bring music directly to the people — letting anyone, anywhere feel like they have a front row seat to live shows, and making the Monstercat universe into something that fans can see, touch, and explore for themselves.

“We’re offering our fans something truly unique in the Monstercat: Call of the Wild Experience: their own space to meet, connect and share creative ideas with each other,” said Dan Scarcelli, head of programming at Monstercat. “Social VR has the power to transform how communities gather online, and we’re thrilled to be leading the charge with Sansar.”

Monstercat is a Canadian independent electronic dance music record label based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Founded in 2011 by Mike Darlington and Ari Paunonen, the label releases new music four times a week. The label is perhaps best known for the 2016 release of the song Alone by the American DJ Marshmello, which reached Platinum status in the United States and Canada in 2017 and 2018, respectively.

Monstercat is celebrating its 8th anniversary with a party in Sansar on July 12th:

You are officially invited to celebrate with the Monstercat crew, artists, and other fans around the world in our VR experience Friday, July 12th! Get ready for the ultimate immersive experience by visiting Sansar now and hanging out in our Monstercat Lobby. Build your character, work on your dance moves, and maybe even discover some hidden clues and teasers.

From all the question marks on this poster, it would appear that Monstercat is not going to reveal the names of some of their many musical artists performing on July 12th until the day of the event itself!

With thanks to Tony (SkarredGhost) of The Ghost Howls blog for the heads up!

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