UPDATED! Immersivt’s Ultimate Guide to Digital Meetings in VR

While creating my updated comparison chart of social VR platforms, I discovered a very useful guide to virtual reality apps compiled by a Swedish VR consulting company called immersivt.se, called The ultimate guide to digital meetings in VR (the website is in Swedish, but Google Translate does a very good job of automatically translating the text into English):

UPDATE Dec. 30th, 2019: An English version of this guide has just been published to Medium here: The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Meetings with VR/AR. The author, Niclas Johansson, has very kindly mentioned my own work in this area:

For those interested, we also recommend checking out blogger Ryan Schultz who focuses on monitoring virtual worlds in the style of High Fidelity and Sansar. He has put together a good and clear comparison chart of the features of 16 different social VR platforms, including a few not mentioned yet in this guide.

Johansson’s guide covers quite a few different platforms, including many which I have written about before on my blog. But there were also many products listed, which I had not heard of before:

  • Glue
  • Arthur
  • Dimension10
  • InsiteVR
  • Acadicus
  • AlcoveVR
  • VR Conference

So you all know what that means, right? It’s time for me to go do some more exploring! Of course, I will report back on what I find. Their website was also kind enough to provide a link to my updated comparison chart—thanks!

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