Editorial: Pivot Days

God, what a week. I’m so glad tomorrow’s Friday. I need to go lie down and watch RuPaul’s Drag Race UK to unwind.

I have a rather peculiar term that I have used often throughout my life: pivot days. (Yes, I used the term well before the pivots we have witnessed at both High Fidelity and Sansar this year.)

A pivot day is a day when the course of your life changes. When, all of a sudden, you are unexpectedly heading off into a new direction. You often can’t plan them; you just have to roll with them.

And yesterday, accepting a job as an in-world reporter for Sinespace (and a paying job, at that) would certainly qualify the day as a pivot day.

I am reminded of when the New World Notes blogger Wagner James Au was originally hired by Linden Lab to be an embedded reporter in the earliest days of Second Life:

Wagner James Au began writing his New World Notes blog on the virtual world Second Life in 2003. For two years, under contract with the company, he was an embedded journalist. That meant he wrote about Second Life as a character himself, posing as an avatar named Hamlet Linden. Inside the world, he used his avatar to do chat interviews with other avatars in the virtual community, which encourages people to create a new world based on how they want to live their “second lives”.

Well, Wagner is still busily writing his blog, sixteen years later (and I’m quite sure he gets much more traffic than I do on my blog, too!). That’s not to say that I will be still writing this blog, sixteen years later. (Or, for that matter, if I am still here sixteen years later…when I will be nearly 72 years old!)

Who knows where I will be, or what I will be doing. But, like Wagner before me, being a virtual worlds blogger has certainly led to some unexpected benefits, that I did not remotely anticipate when I originally embarked on this endeavour.

And I am both flattered and humbled by Adam Frisby’s faith in my abilities as a writer and reporter, to take a risk on a still-fledgling blogger to help promote Sinespace. I’m happy and excited and terrified all at once. But when the next wave of terror hits me, I tell myself: Relax. You got this. You can do this, and do it well.

It’s amazing and wonderful, what can happen when you pursue a dream. So I just wanted to say thank you to everybody along the way who helped me get to this particular pivot day.

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