I Have Decided to Join the Second Life Blogger Network

I just wanted to let everyone know that, after a period of some careful consideration, I have decided to join the official Second Life Blogger Network, which was announced last September:

Are you a Second Life blogger that is looking to expand your reach to a wider audience? If so, then you’ll want to consider opting in to join the new Second Life Blogger Network (SLBN). 

This new community initiative aims to promote high-quality, independent blog content to the Second Life community via high-visibility channels including the Second Life Community pages, social media channels and eventually the Official Second Life Viewer login page. Examples of the type of content we wish to promote include how-to tutorials, fashion makeovers and/or looks, community and event news and destination walk-throughs.

The Second Life Blogger Network aims to drive traffic directly to your own blog via summaries of and links to curated posts selected from participating bloggers including the use of a brief text intro using the opening sentences of your post and usually one related image from the post. Readers will be directed to click through a link that directs them to your site to read the entire article or blog post.

The reason I hesitated in the first place is that my blog is, quite obviously, not a blog exclusively devoted to Second Life. But since I have decided that I will continue to report on Second Life, and given how popular my SL blogposts have been to date, it only makes sense to become a member.

What this means is that, from time to time, Linden Lab may select one of my blogposts about Second Life to be featured on their Community News feed. According to their posted Content Guidelines for the program:

To be eligible for inclusion, please consider the following content guidelines:

The blog post highlights a positive implementation of the Second Life experience, with well-written text and high-quality imagery.

The editorial content and tone is appealing and contains information that is of use to the overall Second Life community, including new Residents.

Editorial content is exceptional or unique and does not duplicate previously selected blog topics or themes.

The blog content is timely and focuses on current Second Life news or trends such as a forthcoming event, new destination or fashion trend.

And I do think that my Second Life coverage, while only one part of my blog, meets these guidelines. And reporting on steals, deals, and freebies in Second Life is always appealing to both new and longtime residents!

So, keep your eyes peeled to the Second Life Community news feed—you might just see me featured there!

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