Sinespace Winter Festival and Winter Sale: Get a Month of Premium Membership For FREE!

This blogpost is sponsored by Sinespace, and was written in my new role as an embedded reporter for this virtual world (more details here).

Sinespace is bringing in the holiday season with a Winter Festival and a Winter Sale! There will be dozens of events taking place in Sinespace between now and New Year’s Eve (here’s the complete schedule).

Here are the details on the Winter Sale, from the official blogpost:

Join us for some awesome wintry fun starting on 20th December with a Winter Sale running through until 5th January! There will also be a special achievement you can earn by giving any Gold item in the Shop to a friend as a gift during this time period – To send an item as a gift, buy the Gold item in the Shop, then email it in-world to your friend; You will only earn the achievement if your friend accepts the gift.

Please note that the Winter Sale items will appear in your in-client Sinespace Shop (when you click on the Shop button in the row of blue buttons along the bottom of your Sinespace client software):

You will NOT see the Winter Sale items on the website version of the Sinespace store; you must do your shopping in the in-client version!

And to celebrate the start of the Winter Festival and Winter Sale in Sinespace, I have a special, exclusive offer to share with my readers! Use one of the following promotional codes when you sign up for Sinespace, and you will receive one month of Premium membership free!

It’s easy to get started. Just follow the instructions in Steps 1 and 2 of these step-by-step instructions, to set up a free, basic Sinespace account for yourself. Then use one of the following two promotional codes to upgrade your basic account to Premium:



Each code is good for the first 50 users who submit it to this signup page; note that you will first need to sign in using your already-created free basic account, and then enter the promo code when prompted to do so.

Premium membership offers the following benefits:

  • Your home region size increases from 128 MB to 512 MB
  • The maximum number of concurrent users in your region increases from 10 to 25 (good for holiday parties!)
  • You receive 150 Gold per week
  • You get priority support
  • You can create events for free (basic members are charged 10 Gold per event)

So, if you take advantage of this one-month free Premium promotion, you will receive 600 Gold over those four weeks (in addition to the 30,000 Silver all Sinespace newcomers receive) for your holiday shopping! You can use that money on the Winter Sale, or wherever you like in the Sinespace Shop.

See you in Sinespace!