Fabulous Freebies for Female Avatars from the Sinespace Shop

This blogpost is sponsored by Sinespace, and was written in my new role as an embedded reporter for this virtual world (more details here).

It will come as no surprise to you that I have brought Vanity Fair, former Second Life supermodel, over to Sinespace. And with the free items of clothing I will show you, she now has an excellent starter wardrobe, without spending a single penny!

First, we’re going to talk about the quickest way to find those fabulous freebies in the online Sinespace Shop. Simply click on the Shop button in the row of blue buttons along the bottom of your Sinespace client. Then, click on the tab that says Clothes. Finally, click on the word Gold in the blue bar across the top of the listings, and if the arrow next to it is pointing down, click on that arrow once so that it points up. In three easy steps, you now have a list of items sorted by price from lowest to highest. (This technique also works if you click on Silver instead of Gold.)

If you are wondering about the difference between the Gold and Silver currencies used in Sinespace, there is a helpful explanation on their wiki:


Gold credits can only be purchased for real money by spending users and can be converted back to real money by Sine Wave virtual goods partners.

Gold credits trade at 100 / 1 fixed ratio with U.S. dollars.


Silver credits are free promotional credits given to users as rewards for participating in the community.

Silver credits cannot be converted to real money but can be used by creators to promote their content to new platform users who have not yet purchased gold.

Pricing strategies

You can set each item you want to sell to gold only, silver only or any combination of the two.

As a guiding principal we would recommend making most of your inventory gold only but offering a few items for silver as well, perhaps 10% of total inventory, to help promote your goods to a wider audience and to give the platform a richer pool of content for new users to explore before they buy gold.

All new avatars in Sinespace start off with 30,000 Silver to help them outfit, style, and equip their avatars.

Did you know that exploring the many worlds that make up Sinespace pays off? Hidden in various places are gift boxes like the one shown below. Click in them, and you will receive a gift of Silver to spend as you like on the Sinespace Shop! So go, and start exploring 😉 …

Please note that in addition to shopping within the Sinespace client, you can also shop using the Sinespace Shop website. All links below lead to item listings on the website, and you can also buy them there. (You can’t use the technique above to sort the store listings on the website, though.)

Here are some of the free outfits! First up is a casual outfit by Tesoromio, consisting of two separate pieces, shiny capri pants and a matching floral top in three different colours: green, sky blue, and purple.

Next, we have the playful, colourful Candy catsuit by B. Rene Gade:

I also wanted to show you a couple more free tops. This is the blue bandeau top from Monks:

And this is the grey female T-shirt by Kozii, with their logo:

All of these items are free! In all these pictures, Vanity Fair is also wearing:

  • the Long Wavy Hair Brown (by Sine Wave; costs 6 Gold or 500 Silver)
  • the Ava skin in Peach (free from the Sinespace Shop; comes in six different skin tones as shown below)
  • the Female Brown Eyes (free from the Sinespace Shop)
  • Flip Flop shoes (part of your free starter wardrobe)
Six different skintones of the Ava skin are free from the Sinespace Shop

Happy shopping!

A Reminder to Complete the HEMOSY/Project Polis Survey

Not too long ago, I wrote about an interesting social VR project which is still in the very earliest design stages, called HEMOSY (a headset) and Project Polis (a platform).

As part of that blogpost, I shared a survey link and asked my readers to fill it out, as part of the project’s market research.

I have heard back that, so far, only five people have responded to the survey, so I am reposting the link here, and I ask that you please fill it out. It will only take five minutes of your time!

Here is a link to the survey. Thank you!