The Decentraland Conference Center Has Its Grand Opening This Weekend, Feb. 29th and March 1st, 2020

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The Decentraland Conference Center

Carl Fravel, who from the very beginning of the Decentraland project has been a tireless evangelist for the blockchain-based platform, announced today that one of his key projects, the Decentraland Conference Center, is having a grand opening celebration this weekend:

Come see the Grand Opening of the Decentraland Conference Center!

• Live Music with DJ Rosa
• Guided tours of the facilities
• Office Hours, door prizes raffle

Welcome Party, Live DJ Music at the Cafe
(Turn on your audio for the music)
Sat 10am-Noon PST =  Noon-2PM CST = 6-8PM UTC
Sun 3-5pm PST = 5=7pm CST = 11pm-1am UTC

(A tech note: we’ll be using &realm=hermes-xanthic)

Tours of the Conference Center
Saturday Noon PST = 2pm CST = 8pm UTC
Sunday 5pm PST = 7pm CST = 1am UTC


Decentraland Conference Center
Main Entrance if you arrive here, walk north and north east to get to the Patio and Cafe
Unity Café Patio, direct link to the opening party.  Live DJ Music sessions
Conference Center Information Office
Conference Center Map and teleport links

Other locations:

Information Center
Unity Museum 
Commercial Facilities demo
Corporate Complex
Small Amphitheater
Grand Theater
Meeting and Expo Center
Meditation Garden 
Large Amphitheater
CyberMike’s Showcase
Lotus Temple
Back to the Café

 Office Hours – Facilities, Capabilities, Rentals, Q&A
At the Conference Center Information Center
Sat 2-4pm PST = 4-6pm CST = 10pm-Midnight UTC
Sun 7-9pm PST = 9-11pm CST = 3am-5am UTC Mon

If you are interested in learning more about the vision and mission of the Decentraland Conference Center, you can start here.

Decentraland opened its doors to the general public on Feb. 20th, 2020. If you need step-by-step instructions on how to get started in Decentraland, here they are. See you there this weekend!

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