Looking Expensive: Vanity Fair’s Two Favourite Fancy Party Props

So it’s Sunday evening, and (as per usual) Vanity Fair is dressed to kill and standing at the side of the dance floor at Frank’s Jazz Club, listening to the music stream:

This gorgeous gold Mia gown was a freebie, by which I mean I picked this up for free using one of the L$500 gift cards Suna Designs makes available as free group gifts every so often. Now, you might wonder, so what does freebie fashionista Vanity Fair actually choose to spend her hard-earned Linden dollars on, if she’s so awash in free outfits?

Well, some of it went to the champagne glass with the (static) Bento hand pose, which is one of my favourite party props! I bought it as part of the Celebration Champagne set, which includes two of these poses as well as champagne bottles and buckets, at Hive for only L$250. I just love it!

But what I really wanted to show you is what Vanity is holding in her other hand: the Diva Cigarette Holder by Kunst, which comes complete with Bento hand and face animations as you see here:

Seriously, this is my new favourite thing in Second Life! The perfect accessory for any posh, snobby soirée (and there’s zero risk of lung cancer, either!).

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