Pandemic Diary: December 22nd, 2020

Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, the U.S. government’s top infectious disease expert, was vaccinated on Tuesday, December 22nd, 2020, during a live broadcast at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland (source: New York Times)

Today is officially Day 282 since I began working in self-isolation from home for my university library system. We here in Manitoba are expecting a snowstorm which is slowly working its way east from the Rocky Mountains, bringing with it strong winds and blowing snow. I remain hunkered down in my apartment, well stocked with food and my prescription medications. It can snow all it wants; I’m not going anywhere.

Like so many other people around the world who are under a pandemic lockdown, this will be the first Christmas ever that I will spend completely alone. Manitoba is still under a code-red, province-wide pandemic lockdown, and visits from people outside one’s immediate household are forbidden.

But I don’t mind. I have gotten so used to being alone by now, it will not seem so strange. The rest of my family and I have already agreed not to exchange gifts this Christmas; in the case of my mother and stepfather who live in a seniors lifelease condo on the other side of the city, we’ll exchange presents when it is safe to actually meet in person.

And frankly, Christmas has never had the allure it did when I was a child, especially now that I do not attend real-world church services anymore. I will probably hang out with SL friends in my Second Life community of choice, Bray’s Place. I may decide to throw an open house at my new home at Bray’s Place sometime between Christmas and New Year’s, but we’ll see. I want to stay flexible with my plans this holiday season.

My new home at Bray’s Place, all decorated for Christmas

My decision to write up a daily blogpost covering that day’s Advent calendar gifts has kept me pretty busy most mornings. I am now on three weeks of Christmas holidays from my full-time paying job as a librarian, so I have time to devote to the task. (I also have a pile of dirty dishes that I need to put through my dishwasher, and some vacuuming to do, but that’s not nearly as much fun as hunting down fabulous freebies in Second Life! December is truly freebie season!)

And I have been following the news media and social media regarding the global COVID-19 vaccination campaign, as the first vaccines roll out. Here are a few statistics dashboards that you can check to follow the progress of this endeavour:

The statistics dashboard from Our World in Data’s Coronavirus Vaccinations page

Stay safe and stay healthy!

Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: Advent Calendar Gifts for December 22nd, 2020

Here’s my blogpost with links to four lists of Advent Calendars and 12 Days of Christmas Calendars, plus my “Top Ten” Calendars you should not miss in 2020!

If you want to know my plan of attack to pick up a whopping 629 free Christmas presents on Christmas Day, here it is!

The gift from the Advent calendar at 7 Deadly S[k]ins is not one but two fatpacks of the Nadine skin, which means you can pick up ten different skin tones of this skin today, available in both Bakes on Mesh/system skins and Omega skin appliers.

& Deadly S[k]ins Nadine skin in the caramel skin tone

Don’t forget that the 7 Deadly S[k]ins store group does cost L$1,000 to join during December, but I think it’s worth it. (Or, if you prefer, you can pick up all the previous days’ gifts for just L$25 each, using my daily Advent calendar blogposts as a guide.) Unlike other store calendars, the 7 Deadly S[k]ins Advent calendar has gifts every single day, including the days between Christmas and New Year’s!

Virtue‘s gift today is the Rosita dress in purple (the Virtue group is free to join):

Today’s gift from Essenz are these fun, strappy Amsterdam shoes in serenity blue. The HUD allows you to change the colour of the sole and the hearts, as well as change the metals. The Essenz group cost L$350 to join, or you can buy this pair for only L$50 if you are not a group member.

Today’s present from the 12 Days of Christmas calendar at Baby Monkey is the Darla skirt with side pockets (see red arrow), worn with two previous gifts from the same calendar, the shawl collar sweater and the slingback pumps. No group join is required, just pay L$1 for each gift and your Linden dollar will automatically be refunded.

I leave you with today’s gift from the 12 Days of Christmas calendar at JUMO, this lovely Barbara gown in green. You don’t need to join any group, just come and slap the December 22nd star and it’s yours!

That’s it for today…happy freebie shopping!