Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: How to Get 101 Womenswear Fatpacks for Only L$100!

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A “fatpack” is a commonly-used term in Second Life, used to refer to a package of every single available colour and pattern of a particular outfit. SL stores often offer fatpacks to their shoppers as a cheaper alternative to buying every single colour of an item of apparel, footwear, or a hairstyle separately.

Well, Scandalize (which has always been among the most generous stores on the grid when it comes to group gifts) is now offering twenty fatpacks of female outfits! Just walk behind the front desk, and they are on the back of the wall behind the desk, opposite a large Christmas tree.

Christmas came early, folks! You do have to join the Scandalize group for L$100 to pick up these group gifts, but most people already have a membership in that group to pick up past freebies from their vast and wonderful gift wall, and to smack their Lucky Boards when their initial comes up. If not, then L$100 is a pittance—it works out to only five Linden dollars per fatpack!

Among these gifts, I was absolutely delighted to discover a fatpack of a gown which I had previously purchased in a couple of different shades for Vanity Fair, the elegant Azahara ballgown! It’s one of my favourite ballgowns, perfect for seasonal festivities! Here I have paired it with a free gift from the 12 Days of Christmas calendar at JUMO, the Gala Rachel golden tiara and matching costume-jewelry earrings:

This gown comes with an optional belt with a large bow at the back, plus a long fur stole for that extra touch of luxury! The fatpack includes a HUD to change the colours of the gown, bow, and stole separately.

By the way, if you haven’t done so yet, I would very strongly encourage you to join the free Scandals SL Frees & News group (a separate group from the main ‘[SCANDALIZE]’ group), and scoop up all the free womenswear from the nearby Scandalize Outlet store (more information here and here).

Adding the 81 free womenswear fatpacks from the Scandalize outlet store to the 20 fatpacks Scandalize is now giving you as Christmas gifts, that is a staggering 101 outfit fatpacks, for a total outlay of L$100—one Linden dollar per fatpack! Seriously the best deal on the grid!

Vanity Fair is wearing:

  • Gown: Azahara ballgown by Scandalize (one of the 20 outfits now available as a free group gift; the Scandalize group costs L$100 to join)
  • Shoes (not shown): Heidi pumps by Garbaggio
  • Crown and earrings: Gala Rachel set from JUMO (a free gift from this year’s 12 Days of Christmas calendar)
  • Champagne glass: by Hive, which includes the Bento hold pose (more information here)
  • Cigarette holder: by Kunst, which comes complete with Bento hand and face animations (further details here)

She is also wearing:

Pictures taken at the Scandalize mainstore and at my newly-decorated home at Bray’s Place. Looking for a home in Second Life? Come experience a warm, friendly welcome at Bray’s Place Blues Club, which also offers home rentals with generous prim allowances at affordable prices (more information here).

Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: Advent Calendar Gifts for December 16th, 2020

Here’s my blogpost with links to four lists of Advent Calendars and 12 Days of Christmas Calendars, plus my “Top Ten” Calendars you should not miss in 2020!

Baby Monkey‘s 12 Days of Christmas calendar gift today are these glossy platform pumps, which come with a three-colour HUD (you do not need to join any group to use this calendar, just pay L$1 and it will be automatically refunded). Once again, I remind you that Baby Monkey is one of those calendars that allows you to visit between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day to pick up all the gifts at once, if you prefer! It saves on all that teleporting during the busy holiday season, thereby cutting down on silicon emissions 😉

Among today’s gifts from the eBENTO shopping event is this white bodysuit by ADD, which includes the optional gold waist chain you see here (the eBENTO group is free to join).

Here we have two gifts from Entice: the teal pants are the December 16th Advent calendar gift (the Entice group is free to join), and the peach crop top is a free gift in the store if you join the Maitreya Gifts, Sales & News group (the MGSN group is free to join). Here’s what the panel looks like in the store; it’s just to the left of the Advent calendar display as you enter.

From Virtue we get the asymmetrical Vivian dress in a bold purple floral pattern (the Virtue group is free to join):

Today’s version of the Hope Bakes on Mesh skin from 7 Deadly S[k]ins is in a slightly darker skin tone called chestnut (the 7 Deadly S[k]ins group costs L$1,000 to join during the month of December, and you can purchase the previous days’ Advent calendar gifts from the store for L$25 each).

Whereas today’s gift from Wow Skins is the Miriam Bakes on Mesh skin in the sandy skin tone (the Wow group costs L$199 to join):

I get a young Mia Farrow vibe from this last picture, don’t you? By the way, last I checked, Firestorm is still giving away a free fatpack of this unisex Jamie hairstyle by Firelight Hair at this SLURL, but I don’t know for how long, so if you like it, don’t wait! This hair comes in rigged and unrigged versions, but I usually use the unrigged version for short hairstyles like this because then you can resize it to your heart’s content. I have tested it and it works well on most male and female mesh heads. Here’s what it looks like on the EXMACHINA Evolve full-body male mesh avatar:

Happy freebie shopping!