An Apology

Given the response it has provoked, I have deleted my original blogpost, My List of 25 People in Social VR, Virtual Worlds, and the Metaverse Whom You Should Be Following (Plus a Few Alternates!).

I apologize to anyone who found my description of that list, or the entire blogpost, offensive. I am heartsick and very depressed about what has happened over the past 3-4 days, and I would like to apologize for my role in it. As Kai had said, it was “a learning experience”. Please STOP attacking each other over it.

I admit that I have wandered into the whole race relations issue like a deer into the headlights, and hoping to turn the episode into a discussion on the need for equity, diversity, and inclusion in VR/social VR was a mistake. Please accept my apologies for my ignorance.

I do not expect or rquire anybody to accept my apology, but I do expect all of you in my social media circle(s) to treat each other with kindness, courtesy, empathy, and respect instead of attacking each other, please. I want no more fighting over this!

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash