Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: Pick Up 106 Free Outfit Fatpacks and 147 Free Group Gifts of Women’s Apparel and Footwear at Scandalize for Only L$20!

I don’t know if you have heard the news yet, but Scandalize (which already has a stellar reputation as by far the most generous store in Second Life when it comes to group gifts) has dropped the price to join the Scandalize store group from L$100 to only L$20. I don’t know if this discount is temporary or permanent, so I would very strongly encourage you to take advantage and subscribe to the Scandalize group NOW!

Between the older Scandalize store group (which, as I said, now costs only L$20 to join) and the newer Scandals SL Frees & News group (which is still free to join), you can now pick up a truly staggering haul of women’s clothing and footwear, including a staggering ONE HUNDRED AND SIX full outfit fatpacks. Yes, not outfits in a single colour, but actual fatpacks, with HUDs giving you dozens of colours and patterns, and oodles of styling options! An embarrassment of riches for female avatars.

Read on and learn! First, if you have not already done so (and many female avatars already have), join the Scandalize group and visit their main store, where you can pick up the following gifts from their group gift wall, 147 in total as of this writing!

There are four outfit fatpacks located in the Scandalize store as follows:

  • one if you join the SL Frees & Offers group for free (see image above);
  • one if you click on the Stay at Home vendor panel (see image above);
  • a lingerie fatpack located near the front entrance and the lucky boards, which requires you join the Scandalize store group for L$20;
  • and an outfit fatpack if you join the free Scandals SL Frees & News group, also located near the front entrance.

Don’t forget to walk around to the wall directly behind the front counter at the store, where you can pick up 20 womenswear fatpacks with your Scandalize group tag active:

Here’s a look at just one of the group gift fatpacks, the glorious Azahara ballgown!

Don’t forget that Scandalize also has a full wall of lucky boards located near the back of the store (you do need to be a member of the Scandalize group to slap these boards when your initial comes up). They are extremely popular, so the letters tend to turn over quickly! You won’t have to wait more than 5 to 10 minutes to pick up even more free outfits!

Here’s just a couple of examples of the free outfits you can win from the Scandalize lucky boards, which usually come in sizes to fit Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, and Legacy mesh bodies:

Scandalize Sanara outfit in pale pink
Scandalize Zarihas outfit: a grey top with optional sleeves, with a denim skirt

But wait, there’s more! Located just across from the Scandalize store, on the same sim, is the Scandalize Outlet store, where (if you join the Scandals SL Frees & News group) you can vacuum up no less than EIGHTY TWO full womenswear fatpacks!

Here’s an older blogpost from last summer with pictures of a just a few of the outfits you can pick up for zero Lindens! Read, mark, and inwardly digest the freebie fabulousness!!!

So, here’s a summary of all the womenswear fatpacks you can pick up at one stop:

  • 82 from the Scandals Outlet store (requires the Scandals SL Frees & News group);
  • 20 from the wall behind the front counter at the Scandalize store (which requires a membership in Scandalize group);
  • 4 more fatpacks scattered around the Scandalize store (for 4 different groups)

That makes 106 womenswear fatpacks (plus 147 group gifts of women’s apparel and footwear) for only TWENTY LINDEN DOLLARS in total outlay! You don’t need to spend another Linden!

Two hundred and fifty-three gifts divided by L$20 works out to only L$0.08 PER GIFT, a truly mind-boggling bargain the likes of which you will not encounter anywhere else on the grid!

So drop whatever you’re doing, join the Scandalize group for L$20 if you haven’t already done so, and pick up some serious bargains!

Horrible, Funny, and Weird Clubhouse Stories: Imposters, Whale Moaners, and More

I had insomnia again last night, and I am feeling depressed again this morning, on a very grey, gloomy, and overcast day here in Winnipeg.

I finally gave up on trying to get more sleep, got out of bed, and lay down on the sofa early this morning with my iPhone, to check out what was happening in the hot, new, drop-in audio chat app, Clubhouse. People, things are starting to get truly weird.

This morning, at 7:00 a.m. CST/1:00 p.m. GMT, I listened to the London Lunch Club, where they were sharing Clubhouse horror stories. There were also some funny and weird ones that were brought up for discussion! Among the tales told:

  • Someone who hung around various Clubhouse rooms pretending to work for Atlantic Records (until someone who DID work for Atlantic Records called him out publicly)
  • Rooms where people would compete on who could make the best orgasm noises (but scroll down, people, it gets weirder…)
  • People who would take their (volunteer) Clubhouse room moderator status to another level, going into complete control freak mode, and attacking the other moderators in the room
  • People (mostly Americans) who come on stage and give their whole autobiography when introducing themselves to the room 😉 “Americans, please… comprehension skills.”

But Ravina Rawal has shared some truly serious Clubhouse weirdness via Twitter:

PSA: There’s a Whale Moan Room on Clubhouse in which everyone just moans (?) like whales (?) for hours. And now this room is in a MASSIVE fight with someone claiming he started the original Whale Moan Room. So now 1000 people are having a moan-off to settle it…

But, wait, it gets even better:

So I put up my hand, got up on stage in the London Lunch Club, and told the audience about the whale moan, cat in heat, and ice cube chewing rooms, and we all just HOWLED with laughter! There were about 60 people present, and it was a cheerful start to my workday (yes, I am “going in to work” today).

P.S. Clubhouse is invite-only and for iOS devices only (no Android version yet). If you are intrigued by all these shenanigans and want to experience Clubhouse for yourself, I still have one (ONE) invitation left to give out. If you want it, please leave a comment on this blogpost, or ping me via the Contact Me page on this blog, thanks!

By the way, the London Lunch Club has a hashtag on Twitter, #TLLCCH, which you can follow if you want (somebody investigated and confirmed my report on the battle of the whale moaners, and tagged Ravina’s tweet which I shared above).

This Winnipegger wants to thank the members of the London Lunch Club for a much-needed dose of hilarity this morning!