ROND: A Brief Introduction

ROND is a new browser-based virtual world by a Finnish company of the same name. They describe themselves as follows on their website:

ROND Virtual Worlds are live multiplayer 3D spaces for events, fan engagement and shopping. All worlds are accessible from your laptop, mobile or tablet and can be designed to match brands, art styles, stories and impossible quests and games within the world. Give your audience a never-ending source of entertainment and opportunities within your branded virtual world. Welcome to the Metaverse!

You can sign up for an account here, and they will send you an email with login instructions. Then you may explore the worlds which they have available using your web browser. The app asks for permission to use your microphone and webcam, and displays your webcam image as your avatar:

My avatar in ROND

If you’re interested in ROND, visit their website, or follow them on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn. I will duly add ROND to my comprehensive list of social VR and virtual worlds.

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