The WebXR Design Summit Takes Place on October 12th, 2021

WebXR is an evolving group of standards which are used together to support rendering 3D scenes to hardware designed for presenting virtual worlds (virtual reality, or VR), or for adding graphical imagery to the real world, (augmented reality, or AR). On Tuesday, October 12th, 2021, the well-known Voices of VR podcaster Kent Bye will be the host of a daylong WebXR Design Summit (tickets are free via EventBrite).

This event is described by the organizers as follows:

The world’s WebXR experts, 3D designers, and marketers will share design principles and best practices for immersive technologies. In order to reap the benefits of WebXR, professionals need to know how to create content for the medium, and the Design Summit will show the way. 

Spatial design is still new. Attendees at the summit will learn key tools, design considerations for 3D, and spatial thinking. Attendees will hear about WebXR success stories, common pitfalls to avoid, and design tips.

Please see this 22-tweet Twitter thread for details on the various presentations and panel discussions taking place. I see a lot of familiar names from the metaverse! It promises to be an interesting, inspiring, and educational event, and best of all, it’s free! You can follow the WebXR Summit organizers on Twitter.

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