Second Life: Muddy’s Music Café Celebrates 12 Years of Operation!

As I said yesterday, Second Life tends to be my preferred means of escape from these despairing days of the Omicron wave of the coronavirus pandemic, and as I near the second anniversary of my first writing about what would eventually be called COVID-19, on January 25th, 2020, I am feeling distinctly weary of barricading myself in my apartment, while our inept provincial government has essentially decided to “let’er rip” and let the cards fall where they may.

Like oatmeal, Second Life is my comfortable place in an uncertain world. (The builders of the newer metaverse platforms might want to ask themselves this question: what are you doing to make your virtual world such a comfortable place, where people are compelled to come back, again and again? The key is community, something Second Life has in spades, if you know where to look to find it!)

Today, I decided that, instead of a quiet café in the snowy woods, I would visit a more popular place: Muddy’s (more formally known as Muddy’s Music Café).

Image source: the Muddy’s website

As it turns out, this coming weekend (January 21st to 23rd, 2022), Muddy’s is celebrating its 12th birthday! In a virtual world where music clubs come and go with astonishing regularity, this is indeed a remarkable achievement. Muddy’s offers a engaging mix of popular music: rock, pop, country, and a little bit of everything, as long as it’s PG! While they sometimes have a live performer, most of the time they have deejays spin tunes during a two-hour shift, who usually shares the stage with a host of hostess who welcomes customers, answers questions, and invites people to join the Muddy’s group for news and updates.

Tonight, the hostess was a friend I had made when she worked at another club I used to frequent, Bray’s Place Blues Club (which unfortunately closed down late last year). So we had a great catch-up chat while I stood like a wallflower at the side of the dancefloor, watching the people dance (that’s me, in the red beanie to the right):

In addition to their in-world location (always guaranteed to be busy, 24/7/365), Muddy’s runs a small shopping mall on the same sim as the club, and has a radio station which accepts advertising from Second Life businesses (you can pick up a free Muddy’s radio from the stand located at the centre front of the stage, which you can then set up anywhere to listen to the Muddy’s music stream in your virtual home!). They’ve even launched a series of events especially for singles, called Muddy’s Match.

For further information, please drop in and ask the host or hostess on duty, visit their website, or follow them on Facebook. To join the Muddy’s group, just cut and paste the following into the chat of your SL viewer, and click on the link it creates:

You’ll always get a warm welcome at Muddy’s Music Café! I congratulate them on their twelve years of successful operation.