Outfit Outlay: Cowgirl

Way back in the day (ohhh, let’s say 2012 through 2014), I used to write a blog about the late, lamented virtual world called Cloud Party.  (It was great fun while it lasted, and I was sad to see them go.  They were swallowed up by Yahoo!)

The blog was called Cloud Party Bugle, and one of the regular features I used to have was called Outfit Outlay, in which I discussed each of the individual items that made up an avatar’s outfit, and explained where to get them and how much they cost.

Well, it’s time to resurrect Outfit Outlay again, this time for the new virtual world of Sansar, and for my first avatar fashion presentation, I give you: the Cowgirl.

Outfit Outlay Cowgirl 2 August 2017

My female alt, Vanity Fair (named after my fashion model avatar in Second Life), is wearing the Western Outfit for Female Avatar, now available from the Sansar Store by Sansar Studios for S$400.  The outfit comes complete with top, jeans, boots, belt and two bracelets.  The detail work is really remarkable.  The cowboy hat and blonde pigtails hairstyle come as one item, the Western Hat for Female Avatar, also available from the Sansar Store by Sansar Studios for S$100.  The finishing touches are the blue dangle earrings, available for free under the Accessories tab when you customize your basic avatar:

Blue Dangly Earrings Attachment 2 August 2017

Just click on the bracelet icon along the left-hand side, then click on the little ear along the top and you’ll see it as an option to add to your avatar.

The top photo of Vanity in this blogpost was taken in a beautiful rustic experience called Bella Vista, created by Winter Loxely.

444 Experiences And Counting…

Sin's Name Tag for Ryan Schultz 1 August 2017

Another day and another nametag!  This one I am wearing in the photo above was created by Sin, thank you so much for making this for me!  I now have a nametag for every possible outfit 🙂

Since Linden Lab opened the doors of Sansar to the general public on Monday, July 31st, the number of experiences published in the Atlas has increased dramatically.  This morning I did a quick count and I came up with 444 experiences in total!  Since each experience can potentially be as large as 4 km by 4 km by 4 km, that’s a LOT of virtual real estate already!  It’s wonderful to see so many people hopping right into virtual world building.

Every day in the Sansar Newsblog I plan to highlight one particularly noteworthy experience in my Pick of the Day post.  Yesterday was my first pick, the NASA Apollo Museum and Moonscape by LOOT Interactive.

In addition, every day I will post a picture of a different experience that evokes a particular atmosphere in my Scene of the Day.  Yesterday, my first scene was a serene shot of Maxwell Graf’s experience, Respite.

Starting from today, I will also be keeping an eye on the Sansar Store, and alerting people to various items that I think are especially interesting, decorative or worthwhile.  I’ll be keeping an eagle eye out for any freebies and special deals so you can snap them up for your own experiences!

Claiming an Identity in Sansar

Snow Made Me A Name Tag 1 August 2017

I’d like to thank, from the bottom of my heart, Mark Gibson (Snow) who created this lovely nametag for my avatar to proudly wear in-world!  Avatar attachments were one of the new features that only just became available in the latest release of the Sansar software, and many people have been using it with a high degree of skill already, creating things such as sunglasses, hats, beards…. and nametags!  I’ve even seen some clever avatars with their names perched over their heads, just like in Second Life!

Which brings me to my topic of expressing avatar user identity.  During the first six months of the closed beta, we beta testers often complained to Linden lab that we needed a way to identify each other. It was seen as especially important at a time when avatar customization options were extremely few (just a few basic types to choose from).  Picture a half-dozen identical brown-haired men in blue blazers, all asking each other who they are!!  Linden Lab listened to our complaints, and replied that they wanted to avoid a situation where everybody’s name was stuck over their heads, as it would break immersion (a valid point).

LL’s solution to this, so far, has been to include a feature where (when you are in a VR headset with hand controllers), you can press the secondary index trigger on the hand controller and the name of the avatar you are staring at will appear superimposed on that character.  It’s a start, a good start but only a start.  There still is no solution for non-VR-headset users, other than using the Nearby feature in local chat to see who is around you.  You have to pay attention to the visual and audio cues, and watch to see whose lips are moving!  Being able to integrate user identity functions in an unobtrusive but unambiguous way is going to be one of the major challenges moving forward for Linden Lab, and for developers of many other social virtual worlds.