Please Don’t Be a Troll

I have had to kick James O’Reilly out of the new Sansar Newsblog community over on Google+, block him on Google+, and mute him on Google+, for constantly posting the same “Don’t be a fool” Facebook post over and over and over again on my posts there about Sansar. Then he joined the Google+ Sansar Newsblog community and started doing the same thing there, and I’m fed up and I’ve had enough!

This is what he keeps posting: “Don’t be a Fool > Try Sansar’s VR Competitors – 12 and counting”:

Please don’t be a troll! Posting this link once is okay; posting it over and over and over again is just spamming.

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One thought on “Please Don’t Be a Troll”

  1. James O’Reilly (and his many alt accounts) is well known in blogging and social media circles for his inflammatory actions spamming individuals and groups. The best recourse *is* simply to block / ban him when he appears (pretty easy to identify, given his commentary in whatever guise he appears in always embraces the same memes, idiocy and typography) and move on. Sorry you’ve had to face his brand of anti-LL “crusading”.

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