Sansar Newsblog: The First Fifty Posts


(Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash)

Well, my WordPress software informs me that I have made 50 posts to my Sansar Newsblog. Time to break out the champagne! Here’s the Top Ten posts that have been the most popular (the most visited according to the WordPress statistics) so far:

  1. Avatar and Camera Controls for Desktop Users of Sansar
  2. Outfit Outlay: Astronaut
  3. First Sansar Book Published
  4. 444 Experiences and Counting…
  5. Sansar Creator Interview: Agustine
  6. Linden Lab Staff Talk About Sansar
  7. Mac Users and Sansar
  8. Sansar Creator Interview: Maxwell Graf
  9. Having Fun with Avatar Attachments
  10. Outfit Outlay: Highlander

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you like what you read, and that you keep coming back. 🙂 Onwards and upwards!


Pick of the Day: Colossus Rising

Colossus Rising 1 10 August 2017

Today’s Pick of the Day is one of the original experiences crafted by Sansar Studios, called Colossus Rising. Surprisingly, it’s not listed up near the top of the Sansar Atlas listings, among Linden Lab’s featured experiences! You must scroll pretty much all the way to the bottom of the Atlas to find this one, but it’s worth looking for! This experience reminds me of the famous classic Cyan puzzle games Myst and Riven, so if you loved playing those, you’ll love Colossus Rising.

You are transported to a rocky, barren desert landscape. The wind whistles past you, and red dust fills the air, as you explore the remains of a mysteriously abandoned civilization. Everywhere there is the clank and hum of machinery; you see large canvas windmills and gigantic metal gears turning. You climb the wooden ramps and scaffolding, carefully balance your way across a long, narrow beam strung high above the ground, and jump onto the automated gondolas that move back and forth between raised platforms. Tusks, bleached bones, and the discarded armour of giants litter the landscape.

Colossus Rising 2 10 August 2017

Colossus Rising 3 10 August 2017

Colossus Rising 4 10 August 2017

Colossus Rising 5 10 August 2017

Colossus Rising 6 10 August 2017

Colossus Rising 8 10 August 2017

Come, restless wanderer, and puzzle over what happened here. In my opinion, this is still one of the best experiences in Sansar. Well worth a visit!

Scene of the Day: Astro Port

Astro Port Sansar 10 August 2017

Today’s Scene of the Day is this image by Ciaran Laval (here’s his Flickr photostream) of a futuristic Sansar experience, created by Mold3D, called Astro Port.

This picture was posted to the largest Sansar-related Flickr group called, simply, Sansar. The administrator of this group is none other than the irrepressible Second Life landlady and celebrity Jo Yardley, and there are currently 162 members. Already, there are 300 pictures in this group. People sure have been busy taking photos in Sansar!

Atlas Hopping with Drax and Berry in Sansar, Episode Two

Drax at Dwarven Fortress 10 August 2017

Drax standing in front of a building at the Dwarven Fortress (screencap from his live stream today)

Today Draxtor Despres, Strawberry Singh, me, and a bunch of other people met at 114 Harvest for another atlas-hopping adventure! The three experiences we visited today were:

  1. The Roof, by Lenni Foxtrot
  2. The Silence, by Omiluo
  3. Dwarven Fortress (formerly Dwarven City), by David Hall

Both Strawberry and Drax live streamed the event. They stayed together for the first two stops, but at the Dwarven Fortress, they separated. Drax interviewed Maxwell Graf while Berry talked with David Hall and Ai Austin in a different part of the experience, so you might just want to watch both streams to get the full picture of what happened.

Strawberry Singh: Atlas-Hopping in Linden Lab’s Sansar with Berry and Drax (she was using Sansar on the desktop)

Draxtor Despres: Atlas-Hopping with Drax and Berry in Sansar (he was using Sansar in his VR headset)

Once again the friendly bickering and rivalry between Drax and Strawberry was highly entertaining. Notice how Berry and Drax cannot even agree on what to call the show, and in what order their names should be? LOL! 😉

Again, it was a lot of fun! Thanks to Drax and Strawberry for hosting!

Update August 11th: Lenni Foxtrot shared this great photo on Facebook of our tour group gathered at her experience The Roof. She made the large purple-and-yellow flower you see in this picture herself using Microsoft Windows’ Paint 3D program, which allows amateur designers to create an FBX-format object that can be directly uploaded into a Sansar experience! Lenni says in her Facebook post:

They came to the silly spot I made. They cared that I gave it an amatuer shot, and rezzed a few things from Paint 3D. And we laughed a lot. A community in Sansar takes off!

Atlas Hopping with Drax and Berry 10 August 2017