Sansar Machinima: M2D Organic

I first found out about this well-done four-minute YouTube video from the New World Notes blog by Wagner James Au. It was created by the same person who made the M2D Organic experience it was shot in, Mario2 Helstein.

One thing I noticed about this machinima is that you can still see the Sansar Windows client buttons on the right-hand side of the screen. I’ve put in a feature request asking Linden Lab to put in a way to turn off the display of those buttons, so they don’t detract from the immersiveness of machinima shot in Sansar.

Launching Ryan’s Radio Station

I have launched Ryan’s Radio Station, now up and running 24/7! You can listen to a mix of my favourite music, anytime you like!

I must warn you in advance, that my musical tastes are eclectic, even downright bizarre. I listen to EVERYTHING: Barenaked Ladies to Buena Vista Social Club, Edith Piaf to Erykah Badu, Fats Domino to Franz Ferdinand to Fanny Brice to Feist, Sex Pistols to Soweto Gospel Choir, Monty Python to Marlene Dietrich to Miriam Makeba to Michael McDonald, Amy Grant to Amy Winehouse, ABBA to ZZ Top, Eels to Elvis to Enya…

You see, I want to be able to stream my music in Sansar. They announced that they will support ShoutCast streaming in experiences in the next release of the Sansar client software in early September, and I just wanted to be ready for it 🙂

What’s Coming Soon in Sansar

The meeting notes from last Friday’s product meetups held in Sansar have been posted. Among the new features that are coming in the next release of the software in early September are:

  1. Terrain Editor: You will be able to terraform your land in Sansar!
  2. ShoutCast Support: You will be able to stream music in Sansar!
  3. Sale of Avatar Attachments: You will be able to sell avatar attachments in the Sansar Store!
  4. Running: I couldn’t find a mention of it in the meeting notes, but I did confirm with Jenn that the next release will include the ability for avatars to run/jog. Yay!!!

There’s more but those are the highlights. Read the entire blogpost for more details.

Pick of the Day: Abandoned Morgue

Abandoned Morgue 23 August 2017

Today’s Pick of the Day is Abandoned Morgue, created by Sansar user stupidmonkey. It’s a mournful, decaying morgue room, with vines creeping in the windows and the wind whistling through the foggy pine trees outside. There’s a coffin on a gurney sitting next to the body lockers. It’s all very well done. You can almost smell the formaldehyde!

Abandoned Morgue 2 23 August 2017