Launching Ryan’s Radio Station

I have launched Ryan’s Radio Station, now up and running 24/7! You can listen to a mix of my favourite music, anytime you like!

I must warn you in advance, that my musical tastes are eclectic, even downright bizarre. I listen to EVERYTHING: Barenaked Ladies to Buena Vista Social Club, Edith Piaf to Erykah Badu, Fats Domino to Franz Ferdinand to Fanny Brice to Feist, Sex Pistols to Soweto Gospel Choir, Monty Python to Marlene Dietrich to Miriam Makeba to Michael McDonald, Amy Grant to Amy Winehouse, ABBA to ZZ Top, Eels to Elvis to Enya…

You see, I want to be able to stream my music in Sansar. They announced that they will support ShoutCast streaming in experiences in the next release of the Sansar client software in early September, and I just wanted to be ready for it 🙂
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One thought on “Launching Ryan’s Radio Station”

  1. Since you enjoy an eclectic mix of music like I do you might try the streamS of radio riel ( They started out in Second Life ten years ago by Gabriel Riel of SL as one 4 hour a day stream. Today they run 7 streams 24 hour per day.

    Their music runs a wide gamut from electronic music to eastern European folk to radio dramas or even discussions. Lately they had a discussion between three SL residents about the use of Alts in Second Life which was very interesting

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