New Sansar Vlog: VR Worlds

Jay Salton sent me a message via Facebook to tell me about his vlog (video blog), called VR Worlds. He said:

I also have a Sansar blog, I’ve been building a collection of videos, mostly tutorials to help people get started.

So go check it out!

Scene of the Day: Toppleton Toy Town

Sansar I Toppleton Toy Town

This image (by Eve Kazan) was taken in the Sansar experience by Sansar Studios called Toppleton Town Town. It was posted to the Flickr group Sansar Experiences (Travel).

Basically, your goal is to bump into and disrupt as much of the moveable scenery as possible! If you have an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive VR headset with hand controllers, you can also pick up and toss around the little cars and other objects. Great fun for those days when you need to release some real-world frustrations! Very cathartic!

Pick of the Day: The Lost Treasure of Coral Canyon

Lost Treasure of Coral Canyon 27 August 2017

Today’s Pick of the Day is The Lost Treasure of Coral Canyon, an underwater experience. You explore a dimly lit seabed where there is an abandoned submarine surrounded by bioluminescent coral glowing in different colours. Can you find the gold? (I’ve wandered around there a couple of times already and I still haven’t!)