Bryn Oh on Sansar

Well-known Second Life artist Bryn Oh (blog, Flickr profile, YouTube videosLinkedIn profile) has blogged about her experience building the award-winning Sansar Experience An Evening at the Ballet.

An Evening at the Ballet 14 August 2017

She talks at length about the impact of texture sizes on experience performance.

Bryn also has some words for the people who are constantly complaining about Sansar:

So I have read a fair amount of reviews for Sansar lately and most are fairly negative, which is a bit perplexing to me.  Granted Sansar has a long way to go, there are plenty of improvements needed.  But to me, slagging it now is kind of like hearing a child sing while playing and saying “God that is not as good as the Rolling Stones.. they should stop singing!” or making a cake and putting the flour in a bowl only to have someone beside you say.. “That is just flour in a bowl!  That is the worst
chocolate cake ever!”.  Hey, I am not f***ing done, you pantload!  Sansar is beta.  It opened a week ago.  What you see today will not be the same Sansar in a year (if it lasts), exactly how SL was when it opened and then as it grew.  Do you know it used to cost money for each TP in Second Life when it opened?   A lot of it is testing what works right now and they are constantly collecting feedback as to what people would like added or improved.

But I have faith that all these things will come over time, and because they don’t exist perfectly now does not, to me, mean that Linden Labs are “idiots” as some suggest, but rather that they are at the beginning of a process.


This Week’s User Meetups, Plus a Useful Statistics Monitor

IMPORTANT UPDATE August 15th: Due to technical problems with the Strange Lights experience, today’s meetup (Tuesday, August 15th) was moved to the Astro Port experience in Sansar. We will try again tomorrow (Wednesday) at the Strange Lights experience (check your in-world Atlas for the link).

Well, Sansar has now been open to the general public for two weeks. There are now a grand total of 581 published experiences in the Sansar Atlas. (This is a very useful link! No more scrolling through the Atlas listings and counting in my head.)

Jenn, the Lead Community Manager for Sansar, has been hosting well-attended daily user meetups Mondays through Fridays in-world at 3:00 p.m. Pacific Time/Sansar Time. This week’s meetings are being held at the Sansar experience Strange Lights. I encourage you to come in-world (either or desktop or in your VR headset), meet your fellow Sansar users, and ask questions.

Office Hours Sansar 7 July 2017

The above picture was taken during an in-world Office Hours meeting on July 7th, 2017, during the closed beta test of Sansar. Notice the red, yellow, and green dinosaur avatars! Linden Lab took them out of the avatar selection menus just before launching the open creator beta, leaving just the human avatars, but hopefully, someday they will bring them back again. They were great fun and very popular!


Pick of the Day: Abby’s & Monkey’s Things

Abby’s & Monkey’s Things is Sansar’s first coffee shop. Set in a clearing surrounded by trees, it’s a small, inviting rustic structure. Abby's and Monkey's Things 14 August 2017

You stroll inside, and you are greeted by the strains of an old-time tune, When The Mockingbirds Are Singing in the Wildwood, by Frank C. Stanley. The tables are set with various sorts of food, and apple-shaped chalkboard menus adorn the walls.

Abby's and Monkey's Things 2 14 August 2017

Abby's and Monkey's Things 3 14 August 2017

You can just picture a singer-songwriter performing on an acoustic guitar in the corner. Hopefully, soon we will get Shoutcast streaming so this can become a reality!