Bryn Oh on Sansar

Well-known Second Life artist Bryn Oh (blog, Flickr profile, YouTube videosLinkedIn profile) has blogged about her experience building the award-winning Sansar Experience An Evening at the Ballet.

An Evening at the Ballet 14 August 2017

She talks at length about the impact of texture sizes on experience performance.

Bryn also has some words for the people who are constantly complaining about Sansar:

So I have read a fair amount of reviews for Sansar lately and most are fairly negative, which is a bit perplexing to me.  Granted Sansar has a long way to go, there are plenty of improvements needed.  But to me, slagging it now is kind of like hearing a child sing while playing and saying “God that is not as good as the Rolling Stones.. they should stop singing!” or making a cake and putting the flour in a bowl only to have someone beside you say.. “That is just flour in a bowl!  That is the worst
chocolate cake ever!”.  Hey, I am not f***ing done, you pantload!  Sansar is beta.  It opened a week ago.  What you see today will not be the same Sansar in a year (if it lasts), exactly how SL was when it opened and then as it grew.  Do you know it used to cost money for each TP in Second Life when it opened?   A lot of it is testing what works right now and they are constantly collecting feedback as to what people would like added or improved.

But I have faith that all these things will come over time, and because they don’t exist perfectly now does not, to me, mean that Linden Labs are “idiots” as some suggest, but rather that they are at the beginning of a process.


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One thought on “Bryn Oh on Sansar”

  1. Ryan,
    Bryn Oh makes an interesting comparison to baking a cake, but I feel an issue exists when creators ask for or expect something to come out of the kitchen and the kitchen door is closed and they cannot even get the waiter or the manager to make a firm promise that the cake is coming some time before the demise of the people seated in the dining room. We often read that LL wants to do it right but we just do not know what the “it” is that they are working so hard to get right. Will it be chocolate cake? Or will it be lemon cake? Most creators just want the cook to send something out to the dining room that isn’t under-cooked. But I really yearn for chocolate cake.

    I have been conditioned by years of seeing some of the priorities in the “First Sansar”. Let’s call it Second Life. Or should we call it “Pre-Sansar”? It showed us the pattern that LL set for the past 10+ years and it will be out of character for LL to handle things much differently in the next 10 years. When I make a contact with LL on a variety of topics, it feels like we are in two different places of a universe and not even close to the same solar system. We may not even occupy the same space or time in the space time continuum. I just wish they would tell us where they are in the universe and what time it is there.

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