“The pioneers are the ones with the arrows in their backs,” Part Two

It would appear that the Strange Lights experience where we were supposed to have our in-world meetings has been taken down:

Experience Not Found 15 August 2017

Oops Error 15 August 2017

We’ve discovered something flaky with this experience’s Atlas listing. If you select it from the in-app Atlas, it loads okay. But, if you click the Copy URL button and then try to get to it from a web browser, it gives you the Oops error message seen above.

Today, the experience’s voice server and region server kept crashing on us. After the third crash, I just gave up trying to get back into the in-world meetup. I’ll post to the Sansar Newsblog if Jenn changes the location of the rest of the meetups this week.

Update: Today’s meetup (Tuesday, August 15th) was moved to the Astro Port experience. We will try again tomorrow at the Strange Lights experience.




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