Loki Eliot’s Videos: Sansar Postcards

Given the current state of affairs at Sansar, I think it is important to document the many wonderful, beautiful worlds that designers and creators have built on the social VR platform over the past three years.

Longtime Sansar resident Loki Eliot (also well known from Second Life) has created a series of short videos in a series he calls Sansar Postcards, which he has been sharing on his Twitter feed. Because Twitter feeds tend to be somewhat ephemeral, and Loki does not have a YouTube account, I asked his permission to upload and share some of his Sansar Postcards with you here on my blog. Thank you, Loki!

The link below each video is the Sansar Atlas webpage for that world, in case you wish to visit and explore for yourself. I hope that this will inspire you to visit Sansar and discover more marvelous worlds!

Felsenmeer (by Silas Merlin)

Felsenmeer (Sansar Atlas page)

ZeroCheese World Hub (by ZeroCheese)

ZeroCheese World Hub (Sansar Atlas page)

A Victorian Christmas (by VintageTales, a.k.a. Mad-Eye and Solas)

A Victorian Christmas (Sansar Atlas page)

114 Harvest and 114 Harvest Village (by Draxtor, Ria, and many other creators)

114 Harvest Basement (Sansar Atlas page)
114 Harvest Village Sansar Atlas page)

Scurry Waters (by FullSpectrum, a.k.a. Medhue and Bagnaria)

Scurry Waters (Sansar Atlas page)

2077 (by C3rb3rus)

2077 (Sansar Atlas page)

Cerb’s Lounge (by C3rb3rus)

Cerb’s Lounge (Sansar Atlas page)

Fort Loki (by Loki Eliot)

Fort Loki (Sansar Atlas page)

If this whets your appetite for exploration, may I make a few suggestions of other Sansar worlds to visit? (The list of worlds in that link is from June, 2018, so a few may no longer be available on the in-world Codex directory.)

If you need some help getting started with Sansar (which does not require a VR headset to enjoy), here are some step-by-step instructions for newbies I put together last year (although it is also a bit out of date).

Wishing You Happy Holidays from a Victorian Christmas in Sansar!

Background vector created by freepik – www.freepik.com

I am planning to take a break from blogging from now until Jan. 1st. (Yes, yes, I know…something will drag me back. It always happens!)

Whatever is beautiful, whatever is meaningful, whatever brings you happiness…may it be yours this Christmastime and throughout 2020.

Please accept my warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful holiday season and a very Happy New Year!

I wish to leave you with some pictures taken from one of my favourite new worlds in Sansar, created by Mad-Eye and Solas, called A Victorian Christmas. And to celebrate, Cat has created free Victorian-era clothing in her store, so you can even dress your avatar to fit into the theme!

So here is Vanity Fair in A Victorian Christmas, amidst the gently falling snowflakes on a London evening in the time of Queen Victoria. Smoke wafts gently from the chimneys. The shop windows are bright with Christmas decorations, children’s toys, and enticing food.

The best part is you can turn the candles and the star atop the big Christmas tree on and off using chat commands! You can also adjust the brightness of the lights by adding a number to the /on command. (Try typing /off and /on 1 and /on 15 in chat to see how it works.)

From Victorian London, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!