Sansar Pick of the Day: Keep on the Borderland

Ambard has created a sprawling, moody medieval experience in Sansar, called Keep on the Borderland, where you must explore and interrogate various characters you encounter, in order to collect shards and solve a mystery.

Ambard describes it as follows:

On the outskirts of the known world stands a mighty keep. For centuries it has stood, protecting our lands from the threats of darkness and despair. Lately, the monks of the keep have been fighting to keep out the darkness as the magic that protects the borderlands has started to fail. You have been summoned to return power to the monks by finding four powerful shards hidden throughout the borderlands. Will you find the shards or will you fail like so many before you. The borderlands await you: come and live the adventure!

Can you solve the puzzle?

Atlas Hopping, Episode 19 (New Year’s Eve Edition)!

Once again, we gathered at Draxtor Despres’ headquarters at 114 Harvest, and then we headed off as a group to visit three different Sansar experiences today:

Strawberry Singh was once again able to join us, and she was wearing a new shirt designed for her by Solas! Very nice! Solas also made the shirt Drax is wearing.

Strawberry Singh's New Shirt 30 Dec 2017

At Valencia, we were able to climb up on the roof of one of Theanine’s curving buildings to get a better look at the surroundings. (We also threw lots of apple pies at each other!)

Rooftop Exploring in Valencia 30 Dec 2017.png

Here are some pictures of our time spent exploring Ambard’s build, called Amber Castle. I didn’t realize that Ambard is selling his buildings two ways: you can buy his completed buildings from the Store for Sansar dollars, or you can pick up pieces of his Modular Building System for free and arrange them to build your own structures! Here’s a link to his store, called Ambardia.

Amber Castle 2 30 Dec 2017
Gathered near the entrance to Amber Castle

Amber Castle 30 Dec 2017
The Cottages by the Docks

Amber Castle 3 30 Dec 2017
The Entrance to Ambard’s Cave

Amber Castle 4 30 Dec 2017
Inside Ambard’s Cave

And, as usual, both Drax and Strawberry livestreamed this event. Here is Drax’s stream:

And here is Strawberry’s livestream:


Pick of the Day: Amber Castle

Amber Castle is a colourful medieval experience built by Ambard. He says:

The crown jewel of Ambardia. The capitol city. And yes, there is a cave hidden somewhere! Lots more will be added so check back often.

Well, I couldn’t find the cave, but there is certainly lots to explore! Here are some photos. (Click on each picture for a larger view.)