A Sansar First: A Virtual Town Hall with Comedian and 2020 Presidential Candidate Ben Gleib

Well, here’s something you don’t see very often: an honest-to-God 2020 presidential candidate holding a virtual town hall in Sansar!

Image taken from Ben Glieb’s campaign website

The comedian, TV host, political commentator, activist, and yes, Democratic presidential candidate for the 2020 U.S. federal election is coming to Sansar for a town hall at 7:00 p.m. Pacific time/Sansar time today, October 29th, 2019.

According to the event listing on the Sansar Events calendar:

If there’s anything comedian Ben Gleib knows, it’s how to command a stage and speak truth to power. Which is why he’s ready to take on his biggest stage yet: the American presidency.

On Tuesday, October 29, join Ben, a presidential candidate in the 2020 election, for a historic first: a fully virtual presidential town hall – co-hosted by fellow ComGlad alum Steve Hofstetter! Hear stories from the campaign trail, get Ben’s take on the issues, ask questions, and enjoy some comedy in-between. It’s time to take our democracy back. Be there.

You have the admire the chutzpah of someone to:

  1. Actually make a run for the U.S. presidency; and
  2. Make themselves available in a virtual town hall and face God knows how many hecklers and trolls. It reminds me of similar, long-ago political campaign events in the past in Second Life, some of which did not turn out so well.

So yes, I think I will be going to this event tonight, just to see what happens. In the meantime, you can check out Ben Gleib’s campaign website for more information on the candidate and his platform.

Ben Gleib addresses his supporters (image from his campaign website)

UPDATE: I checked, and yes, there’s even merchandise in the Sansar Store for you to buy and wear to show your support for the candidate!