A Front-Row Seat to the American Three-Ring Circus

The following animated GIF pretty much sums up my day today, as I scoured the news sites for the latest news from the Senate runoff races in Georgia, and updates on the protests occurring in Washington, D.C. and other cities:

One woman shared the following apt image on Twitter (and no, you can’t get more Canadian than baby moose!):

Obviously, there are lots and lots of pictures and video circulating via social media about the Proud Boys and other pro-Trump rioters storming the Capitol building and temporarily disrupting the certification of the recent U.S. federal election results. The following are a few that really grabbed my attention (mostly found via this megathread on the r/politics community on Reddit):

A Trump protester with a Confederate flag
A Trump protester in Nancy Pelosi’s Office

I have no words. The final two weeks of Donald Trump’s presidency are going to be very interesting…

Why I Love Anderson Cooper

(Yes, I know, totally off-topic..my blog, my rules.)

I have always loved CNN news anchor (and my future husband*) Anderson Cooper, that sexy, silver-haired fox who weighs in here on Donald Trump’s dubious claims that he has been cheated out of re-election:

*He just doesn’t know it yet.

Editorial: Staying Off Social Media and the News Media for the Next Little While as a Self-Care Activity

In the inevitable hand-wringing political thread over on the official Second Life community forums, I wrote:

I have decided that this is the perfect time to stay off all social media and all news media for a few days, BREATHE, and focus on cleaning through Vanity Fair’s overstuffed inventory. So far I have thrown out about 30,000 items. 

On top of everything else, my location has just enacted an emergency, code-red coronavirus pandemic lockdown. I believe the ancient Chinese curse goes something along the lines of “may you live in interesting times”. I am awaiting the locusts.

As a Canadian, I have absolutely ZERO control over that happens in the three-ring circus currently taking place south of the border, and frankly, checking my social media and news media regularly to see what’s going on is doing nothing but increasing my anxiety and triggering my despair and depression. Enough.

So I continue with my task of cleaning up Vanity’s oldest inventory items, all the while coming across such lovely vintage items as this beautiful system-layers-and-flexiprims outfit by Fancy Fairy, which I had completely forgotten I owned:

Faerie Queen Valentine Outfit from Fancy Fairy (includes the wings):
still holding up very well after more than a decade!

The Fancy Fairy store has since left the Second Life grid, but you can still browse through all the lovely merchandise available in their SL Marketplace store. Remember, there’s still a place for older, high-quality system-layer-and-flexiprim apparel in your Second Life wardrobe, with the added benefit that they are often reduced in price! For example, you can pick up a very similar fairy outfit for only L$100.

Stay strong, stay healthy, and stay sane in these trying times! May you find escape, solace, and flow pursuing the hobbies and pastimes which make you happy, and visiting with friends in your preferred social VR platform or virtual world. It’s not wrong to take time for yourself to safe-guard your mental health in these crazy-making times.

2020.exe Has Stopped Working

Ryan pokes his nose outside of the self-imposed news blackout of his pandemic bunker…

Looks at today’s reporting on the Twitter/Facebook/Zuckerberg/Trump dumpster fire:

… and Ryan hurriedly retreats back into “social VR, virtual worlds, and the metaverse”, slamming the door shut behind him, until at least 2021.