A Front-Row Seat to the American Three-Ring Circus

The following animated GIF pretty much sums up my day today, as I scoured the news sites for the latest news from the Senate runoff races in Georgia, and updates on the protests occurring in Washington, D.C. and other cities:

One woman shared the following apt image on Twitter (and no, you can’t get more Canadian than baby moose!):

Obviously, there are lots and lots of pictures and video circulating via social media about the Proud Boys and other pro-Trump rioters storming the Capitol building and temporarily disrupting the certification of the recent U.S. federal election results. The following are a few that really grabbed my attention (mostly found via this megathread on the r/politics community on Reddit):

A Trump protester with a Confederate flag
A Trump protester in Nancy Pelosi’s Office

I have no words. The final two weeks of Donald Trump’s presidency are going to be very interesting…

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2 thoughts on “A Front-Row Seat to the American Three-Ring Circus”

  1. But technically, the US has been chaotic for quite awhile now. I remember last year I saw the city of Portland burning. It was apocalyptic stuff. This scene is better looking by comparison even?

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