UPDATED: Beating the January Bleahs (and Responding to My Anonymous Commenter)


I have entered the new year under a black cloud, partly due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and partly due to following the U.S. political news a little too obsessively this past week. Since I have little control over the former and zero control over the latter, I have decided that it’s time for me to take a break from the news media and social media once again. It’s making me depressed.

I also have quite a few tasks associated with my return to work at the University of Manitoba Libraries, which will probably require that I take a break from blogging. So I am going to give myself a holiday from the blog for a little while, to focus on my full-time paying job and a few other things that need doing around the apartment. It’s time.

I’ll be back just as soon as I find the time and that elusive creative spark!

UPDATE 11:41 p.m. An anonymous commenter left the following comment on this blogpost:

You should just give up your blog altogether, it’s pretty crappy and a waste of time for the readers. you keep saying your “taking a break” this month, no, this month, no, this month ……………. no-one will care if you just go away.

I beg to differ, but obviously somebody is sufficiently irritated to respond in this way. Last year I learned a hard but very valuable lesson: that the negative comments you receive are just as important as the positive ones. If nobody cares, then why bother commenting at all? Hmmmm. There’s a saying: throw a stone into a pack of dogs, and the one that yelps loudest is the one you hit.

I hate to break it to you, princess, but I am not going anywhere.