Sansar Pick of the Day: Ludus, Sansar’s First Library

Ludus 1 6 Apr 2018.png

Boden Linden has created an experience called Ludus, which is a large library building in a parklike setting, with a gently burbling stream. As you approach the building you hear someone talking. I assume this experience is called Ludus after the planet in the OASIS in Ready Player One where the public schools are located.

You enter the library, and there on each side are several rows of school desks facing a large screen on which a philosophy professor from Yale, Shelly Kagan, is giving a lecture about death.

Ludus 2 6 Apr 2018.png

In the centre is a teleporter with a book floating above it. When you step on it, it takes you to an upper floor of the library, where the book stacks are.

Ludus 3 6 Apr 2018.png

There’s not really much to do here except watch and listen to Dr. Kagan’s lecture. It would be nice to have some actual books you could pull off the shelf and read! But this is indeed the first library in Sansar. (I did manage to find the Ready Player One key that transports you to Aech’s Basement in yesterday’s Sansar Top 5 key hunt.)

Pick of the Day: Happy Holidays!

This night-time winter experience was created by Boden Linden, who says:

This winter cabin is ready for the holidays!. ps this entire experience was created with items from the Sansar Store. Thank you creators 😀

It’s so dark that I had to edit all these pictures in GIMP to get the detail to show up! You’ll have to visit the experience in person to get a true feel for the darkness of a wintry countryside at night. The audio materials for the snow add to the immersion of the experience considerably.

You walk from a forested pine area past trees decorated with Christmas lights, and a couple of vehicles—a farm truck and a carriage—that you recognize from the Sansar Customs experience. Snowflakes are gently falling.

truck carriage and tree 2 28 dec 2017

A little further on, you discover a top-hatted snowman under a canopy of Christmas lights flashing many different colours!

Tophatted Snowman 2 28 Dec 2017.png

Finally, you arrive at a cheerfully decorated house, with a brightly-lit Christmas tree and pine bough garlands, plus stockings hung on the fireplace mantel. There’s a fire roaring in a small pot-bellied stove in the corner, next to a table laden with coffee cups, a bottle of wine, and a basket of food. Nostalgic Christmas music is playing, and it would seem the inhabitants of this cozy home have only just momentarily stepped out.

Inside the House 2 28 Dec 2017.png

You could consider this experience a Christmas card from Boden Linden to the rest of us. So please pay a visit soon to Happy Holidays yourself!

(The red dress that Vanity Fair is wearing is brand new from RSVF, and available for S$5 in the Sansar Store.)