Cas and Chary: The VR Proposal

Cas and Chary are two women from the Netherlands who have a YouTube channel where they review virtual reality games and apps, called Cas and Chary VR, which has nearly 80,000 subscribers. I blogged about Cas and Chary before here.

The Netherlands is one of the countries around the world which recognizes same-sex marriage, and recently, Cas proposed to her partner Chary, and she shared the following video of how she did it:

Cas says:

Last Wednesday, I proposed to Chary. You may have seen our social media posts about it. But what I didn’t tell people then is that I actually learned to make a VR game for this occasion. And it was everything I wanted it to be…

So we hope you enjoy this not-so-usual video from us where I share with you what I did, how we got there, and then me… on my knees.

Cas and Chary Cover Five Social VR Platforms (Including Sansar)

Most of the people making YouTube videos about virtual reality hardware and software are men, so it is refreshing to find a new (well, new to me, anyways) channel about VR run by two women, called Cas and Chary VR.

Last week, Cas published a 10-minute YouTube video tour of five less popular social VR platforms, explaining:

So we all know VRChat, Rec Room, [and] AltspaceVR. This video isn’t about these games. It’s about 5 others that you might have missed.

The five platforms covered in this video include:

Videos like this are useful because they give viewers a look at platforms that they might not have had an opportunity to visit themselves. I was surprised to find that Sansar was a sponsor for this video. Cas says:

DISCLAIMER: This video was sponsored by Sansar. Per our guidelines, no review direction was received from them. Our opinions are our own.

I think it’s smart that Linden Lab is reaching out to YouTube influencers like Cas and Chary with sponsorship opportunities. As I have written before, social VR companies will likely have to turn to influencers more often in future to promote their products more effectively.