Cas and Chary: The VR Proposal

Cas and Chary are two women from the Netherlands who have a YouTube channel where they review virtual reality games and apps, called Cas and Chary VR, which has nearly 80,000 subscribers. I blogged about Cas and Chary before here.

The Netherlands is one of the countries around the world which recognizes same-sex marriage, and recently, Cas proposed to her partner Chary, and she shared the following video of how she did it:

Cas says:

Last Wednesday, I proposed to Chary. You may have seen our social media posts about it. But what I didn’t tell people then is that I actually learned to make a VR game for this occasion. And it was everything I wanted it to be…

So we hope you enjoy this not-so-usual video from us where I share with you what I did, how we got there, and then me… on my knees.

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