Conundrums: A Talk Show in Facebook Spaces

Andrew (my producer for our upcoming news show Metaverse Newscast) has alerted me to a talk show series filmed inside Facebook Spaces, created by Slate, called Conundrums:

In Conundrums, Slate’s live talk show in virtual reality, host Lindsey Weber takes celebrity guests on a surreal trip down memory lane. Using Facebook Spaces, the company’s new VR platform, Weber travels the world with guests from inside our studio, including trips to their home countries, their favorite beaches, and sometimes, even into space.

They seem to have stopped production after only 9 episodes, the last one dated December 2017. Even though I hate Facebook Spaces as a platform,  even I have to admit that Facebook Spaces works pretty well for this talk show format.

COnundrums 9 July 2018

You can check out all nine episodes at this link.