Another Fifteen-Minute Second Life Avatar Makeover: A Complete Head-to-Toe Bollywood Beauty Makeover for Only L$150!

You probably already know that my passionate hobby is to create a complete head-to-toe Second Life avatar look from scratch, while spending as few Linden dollars as possible! (You can find all my previous, patented 15-minute SL avatar makeovers tagged here on my blog, including this latest post).

I have had an alt that I have styled as a Bollywood actress for many years now. She used to pick up all the saris at hunts such as the semi-annual ones held by FallnAngel Creations (remember them?), a store which has long since left the grid but continues on in the SL Marketplace. I hit every single hunt, and picked a collection of gorgeous system-layers-and-flexiprims saris which I wore on my classic, system avatar.

Here’s the Before picture of what she used to looked like:

And here are the After pictures. I think you’ll agree that this is a definite upgrade!

This avatar is wearing:

Mesh Head and Eyes: the Freya head by Catwa (a free group gift; the group is free to join, but if you haven’t picked it up yet, you’d better hurry, because this gift is only available until May 24th, 2020! More information and locations to pick up this fabulous freebie are here. The mesh eyes are included in the Freya package.)

Mesh Body and Nails: Juliet by Altamura (this was a limited-time group gift from Valentine’s Day 2019, which I turn to again and again on this blog; at the time I joined the Altamura group it was only L$50, but it now costs L$100 to join their group; this Juliet body is now for sale in-store only at the full price). In order to use the Essences skin below, I needed to buy and install the Omega system kit for Altamura (available for L$99 at this exact SLURL).

Skin Applier: The Sibyl skin applier for Catwa heads from Essences (free group gift; group is free to join; more information is available here). At the back of the Essences store, you can pick up a set of Omega body skin appliers in all eight skin tones for only L$1! (This avatar is wearing the darkest skin tone, E8.)

Hair: What you see here is a combination of a black hairbase from Catwa’s Master HUD, paired with the Pulled Back Bun hair that is already in your Second Life inventory! Just open your inventory, and scroll down to the very bottom of your inventory window to find the Library folder. It’s in Library / Accessories / Hair Design Options / Pulled Back Bun folder. It’s free, completely adjustable, tintable, and uncomplicated, and it fits well under hats and hoods, too!

Sari: This lovely sari is a free gift from the Habibi sim (just join the Habibi group for free, and click on the sign at the spawn point of this Middle Eastern themed sim).

Shoes: red flats by Garbaggio (part of a free sample pack of Slink-compatible shoes from Garbaggio, available on the SL Marketplace; Altamura mesh bodies have Slink-compatible feet)

Animation Override: Those of you who have been following the fifteen-minute SL avatar makeovers on my blog already know that my favourite freebie AO was one that was put out by a store called [ImpEle], called Chubby Girl AO. That store closed down years and years ago, but until recently this AO was still available to purchase for free from the SL Marketplace. All you had to do was add a separate hands-only AO for Bento hands (which were thoughtfully included for free with the various freebie versions of the Altamura mesh bodies) and you were all set to go! Unfortunately, this item has now been removed from the SL Marketplace, but I have provided step-by-step instructions on how to assemble your own Bento AO for only L$2!

In fact, the only thing that the Before and After avatars have in common are the earrings! These glorious Arpita earrings are by Mashooka Designs, a wonderful Indian clothing and accessories store which left the grid a long time ago, but continues on in the SL Marketplace (unfortunately, these earrings are no longer available).

TOTAL COST FOR THIS AVATAR LOOK: Only L$150! (It cost me L$50 at the time to join the Altamura group to get the Juliet mesh body group gift, L$99 for the Omega system kit for that body, and I paid L$1 for the Omega body skin appliers from Essences to match the Sybil Catwa head skin.)

Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: Free Skin Appliers from Essences for Catwa, Lelutka, and Genus Project Bento Mesh Heads

I picked up this news from the Pure Eggs & Spam freebie blog: did you know that you can pick up free skin appliers for your Catwa, Lelutka, and Genus Project Bento mesh heads from Essences?

Just teleport here to get to the Essences store in-world. At the entrance, click on the wall (as indicated by the red arrow) to join the Essences Updates group for free:

Across from this wall are three panels (the Dakota skin applier for Genus Project mesh heads works perfectly with that free Strong Face Bento mesh head gift you picked up from the Genus Project store or group notices!):

If you own a Lelutka Bento mesh head, pick up the Waleria skin applier, and if you have a Catwa Bento mesh head, you can snap up the Sibyl skin applier. The appliers come in eight different skin tones, ranging from light to dark.

Then, head to the very back of the store where you can pick up matching NewGen skin appliers for your mesh body (Maitreya, Belleza, Legacy or Omega):

Here I used the darkest skin tone of the Dakota skin applier on the freebie Strong Face head from the Genus Project, paired with the Juliet body from Altamura (a free group gift from Valentine’s Day 2019; I picked up the Omega system kit for Altamura, which is available for L$99 at this exact SLURL in the Omega Solutions store):

I used the brows and shape that came with the Dakota skin applier (I found she was a bit too thin, so I had to beef up her upper and lower body muscles). Each of the eight skin tones comes with options of light, dark, or no eyebrows (so you can apply your own). Here’s a close-up shot:

(I also made the lips a little thinner, and did a few other minor edits to the sliders for the mouth, using the included Dakota shape as my starting point. The mesh eyes are part of the Strong Face head group gift package, and they are beautiful.)

Looking fabulous! I like the fact that there are a complete range of skin tones in this freebie, so you have lots of options to play with. So pop down to Essences soon!